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5 AI Tools to Help the Learning Experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the field of learning and development (L&D). We are on the cusp of seeing explosive growth in innovative AI L&D applications, and you can find numerous articles and webinars detailing these applications.

From my experience, two AI L&D uses make it to the top of my list. First, today, I have already used AI three times to help with content generation, and I see my L&D colleagues continually finding new ways to leverage AI for this purpose. And second, AI can revolutionize the way we think about and implement learner experiences.

AI Tools for Learning Content Generation

Whether you need a creative spark to write content, create stories or scenarios, or generate test questions, images, or complex procedures, AI can help any learning professional shape content. AI can speed up basic tasks like summarizing text, generating content, and implementing a certain writing style.

Tools you can use for content generation include:

  • 7Taps: Using predesigned templates for quizzes, audio, video, outside links, forms, and polls, you can build a microlearning course on any topic with a few clicks. 7Taps includes automated closed captioning for uploaded videos, or its text-to-voice technology can turn a script into a high-quality AI-generated video. It also has access to a wide variety of GIFs and images to make the experience more engaging.
  • Notion: This project management system includes an AI writing tool that’s useful for automating writing tasks such as creating first drafts, fixing spelling and grammar errors, and changing writing styles or tones of voice.
  • Quizgecko: Quickly generate an interactive quiz by feeding Quizgecko almost any content sources from videos, slide decks, documents, and more. You can choose from a variety of question types and even generate flashcards based on your quiz.

AI Tools for Enhancing the Learner Experience

Modern learners expect their learning experience to be personalized and relevant. AI can produce personalized content based on learning styles and how learners respond to content. It can also adapt the learning journey to fit individual learner needs by detecting knowledge gaps and providing reinforcement, which ultimately increases learner motivation by keeping their learning experience relevant. 

In addition, AI can be used to provide guidance and reinforcement using automated chatbots and digital assistants. Chatbots can provide real-time, intelligent feedback by answering a learner’s question with tailored responses based on the learner’s prerequisite knowledge, job level, and experience. Digital assistants can learn the users’ preferences and habits and provide real-time guidance to ensure the learners have the support and resources they need.

  • Quizlet now includes a personal AI learning coach (Q-Chat) that can guide learners on their learning journeys. After choosing a study prompt, users can ask to Q-Chat to quiz them, illustrate concepts through a story, to share a fun fact, among other things. Using Socratic questioning, Q-Chat can help learners deepen their understanding and make the learning process fun and interesting.
  • Character.ai can create trainable characters based on learner responses and inquiries. With Character.ai, you can develop your own AI assistant that can answer your questions, serve as a personal AI tutor, and assist with projects.

To say that AI is revolutionizing the way we approach L&D is an understatement. For most o L&D professionals, we can immediately improve learner outcomes and increase efficiency by leveraging AI for content creation and enhancing the learner experience by personalizing the learning and providing automated learner support.

About the Authors

Dawn Stapert
Dawn Stapert is a Principal Learning Consultant on the Innovation Research and Development team at GP Strategies where she consults with clients to maximize business impact through learning. Her 25+ years of professional experience spans all phases of learning design, and she has worked as an independent consultant as well as in-house for several Fortune 500 companies in the pharmaceutical, automotive and higher education industries. Dawn is a designer at heart, and she has a passion for creating learner experiences that are engaging, relevant and effective for the learner. 

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