Crunch Time for Learning and Development

Workforce Transformation is accelerating.
Is your team
ready ?

The world is facing a reskilling emergency. Learning and Development functions must evolve and adapt to remain relevant. Traditional learning is no longer cutting it. Teams need to focus on new skills and modern learning approaches to support the business through transformation.

Insight and Innovation

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How Outsourcing is Evolving and Shaping the Modern Learning Organization

As virtual learning became the norm, it also became apparent that new skills and areas of digital specialization were needed to make the medium more effective and sophisticated. Then, as the world started returning to the workplace, they did so

The Evolving Role of Learning in Workforce Transformation – How the CLO will Drive Business Growth

We conducted a survey of global HR and business leaders to learn how organizations are creating business-relevant and impactful learning experiences, and to gain insight into their strategies for workforce transformation in the wake of COVID-19.