Diversity and Inclusion

At GP Strategies, we have long-recognised and fundamentally-prioritised the importance of creating an environment where all employees feel included, valued, and empowered to bring all aspects of who they are to work. In our global organisation, we embrace that each workforce member brings a unique set of perspectives, ideas, skills, talents and passions shaped by their origins, heritage, background, culture, education, experience and journey.

We honour this diversity and value how it influences our ability to imagine, innovate, create and deliver the best possible solutions and experience to our clients, partners, and workforce. As an organisation, and as members thereof, we take individual and collective responsibility and accountability to create a welcoming, inclusive and nurturing environment where our workforce members feel represented, included, engaged, mutually respected…and, safe.

co-workers socialising with eachother

Walk the Talk

To execute on our priorities, to genuinely 'walk the talk,' the GP Strategies team has a cross-functional, cross-enterprise Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accountability (IDEA) Council. The Council’s mission is to foster an environment where diversity based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, generation, disability, personality type, and thinking style is not only accepted, but embraced and positively valued. Our IDEA guiding principles are:

  • All GP Strategies workforce members are positively valued for their unique characteristics, perspectives, skills, and talents they bring to our organisation
  • We will strive to create an environment where each person is valued and feels empowered to contribute to their full potential
  • All GP Strategies workforce members and leadership take accountability for diversity management, and recognise its importance to the organisation
  • Our workforce are valued for their diversity and are the centre of everything that we do
Portrait of an Indian man in a diverse team of creative millennial co-workers in a startup brainstorming strategies

Employee Resource Groups

GP Strategies also sponsors Employee Resource Groups in an effort to foster a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with organisational imperatives. They build a sense of community and belonging for employees by connecting individuals with shared identities in social and professional ways. With more than 4200employees, GP Strategies is devoted to inclusion and connecting the diverse communities we employ the world over in real, tangible, psychologically safe ways that bring more meaning to their lives and careers, and help us grow as an organisation. Because we receive such profound benefit from our own employee resource groups, we enjoy helping our clients set up and manage their own. Our differences make us stronger and coming together as a cohesive community makes us all significantly more successful.

As a truly global, diverse, multicultural, multi-generation and multi-decade organisation, GP Strategies is devoted to its people, their fulfilment and success, and the clients they serve.