Ensure Your Users Are Staying Ahead of the Rapid Pace of Technology

The rapid pace of business and innovation has increased the burden on users to learn and adapt to new technologies and processes. Traditional instructor-led classroom training is decreasing, and new innovative solutions are providing a better learning experience. In response to this shift, GP Strategies® has developed a new rapidly deployable Workforce Improvement Solution for Enterprise (WISE) to support successful user adoption for SAP systems.

Benefits of an Integrated SAP User Enablement Solution

  • Improved key performance measures – organisations saw 7-13 times improvement in key measures
  • Fewer support tickets – up to 62% reduction in support calls
  • Shorter deployment time – can save up to a month in deployment time
  • Improved satisfaction with solution – up 15% when administrators are well trained
  • Improved learner efficiency and workforce productivity
  • Point-of-need performance support in the SAP application
  • Reduced burden on internal resources by placing the responsibility of administration and management on a trusted, SAP-certified partner
  • Sustainable solution to onboard new users and provide content updates for ongoing cloud releases
Source for statistics in this section: IDC White Paper, How Much Is Enough? Defining How Much Training Is Required to Achieve Maximum Business Value, August, 2018

It is time to change the way you enable your users.

The outcomes of GP WISE workforce improvement solution include:

  • Optimise User Adoption | Reduce demand on your help desk with a sustainable solution to support new users and content updates for ongoing cloud releases.
  • Just-in-Time Support | GP WISE reduces procedural errors and provides contextual knowledge and guidance from directly within the application to support the tasks at hand.
  • Increased User Efficiency | In-app performance support allows users to spend more time completing tasks and less time searching for answers.
  • Lower Training Costs | Make learner enablement more cost effective and less time consuming by leaving it to a trusted SAP partner.

GP Strategies can help you get started on the road to efficient, cost-effective performance improvement with GP WISE.

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