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Effective leaders know that the secret to their success is a combination of discipline, preparation and opportunity. In aerospace and defense, the industry’s existential and operational challenges also reveal many potential opportunities. Forward-looking organizations recognize they can improve leadership success at all levels by focusing on “preparation” – with robust leadership training programs – to propel their leaders ahead of expectations.

Today’s industry leaders require both unique subject-matter expertise and proficiencies in listening, empathy, thinking, assessment, evaluation, collaboration, inspiration, strategy-to-execution vision, and perhaps most importantly, communication. These essentials need to be distilled and delivered into operationally-practical, and industry-relevant, programs.

Four leadership mindsets

Growth, Inclusive, Agile, and Enterprise, are critical mindsets to being a successful leader today. 

With the breadth and scope of our leadership work in top aerospace and defense enterprises across the world, we’ve built those solutions for you. In the world of organization leadership strategies, we’ve become an essential guide, provider, and trusted partner for our industry clients.

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Case Studies

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Business Impact
Of participants feel their leadership has been positively influenced by this course
Of participants are successfully applying the skills they have learned to their jobs

Building Frontline Team Leaders at a Large Defense Contracting Company

Organizational change is never easy, and keeping your employees focused on customer performance throughout the change process is a great challenge. When our client separated from its former parent company, it was clear that exploring different ways to support employees during the transition to a new organizational structure was critical.
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Business Impact
Post class surveys were very positive, with an average course score of 9.5 out of 10

Strengthening Emotional Intelligence and Safety Leadership on the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline

A key focus area for APSC is ongoing training and performance evaluation to ensure their supervisors and managers are equipped with the skills needed to effectively lead their teams.
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Excellent class that is needed across the company at all levels of leadership.

Program Participant

Safety is at the core of our process industry business. Tying together safety leadership and operational discipline seems straight forward, but can be challenging.It was therefore a surprise to many that a course with the word “Emotional” in the title would be a good use of time, yet due to well-developed and skillfully delivered meaningful information, the value was clearly there.This training connected TAPS leaders and workers to a topic relevant and crucial to the success of our operation.I see workbooks on my employee’s desks today where they can easily access the material.

Dave Heimke, VP of Engineering, Risk & Safety