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The global aerospace and defense industry is currently undergoing profound changes. Keeping one step ahead of this change requires a workforce transformation that prepares employees and contractors for new industry realities. Technology plays a vital role in supporting transformational change, but it can’t make the changes for you. It’s how you use and apply the technology that transforms your people and your organization.

Effective use of technology starts with understanding that its primary role is to support human performance improvement. Then it requires answering the questions that ensure you get it right:

  • What technology tools will best help our people become successful?
  • How, when, and where do we train people on new technologies?
  • How do we efficiently deploy technology in a global enterprise?
  • How do we use technology to deliver a better customer experience?
  • How do we measure the results of new technology implementations?

Most importantly, how do we know if we’re answering these questions correctly? Trust GP Strategies to help.

Technical training

GP Strategies delivers a proven approach to achieve world-class technical training competencies seen in leading organizations. Based on years of on-site technical training experience, we provide the entire spectrum of technical training – from precision maintenance, craft skills, and operator care to operations, reliability, and safety.

We conduct an in-depth gap analysis to determine the current state of your technical training versus where you need it be. From there we recommend the best design, courseware, and delivery to meet your company’s unique training needs.

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Operational excellence

GP Strategies helps aerospace and defense organizations ask the right questions and discover the right answers to improve workforce performance and business results. Even when technology keeps changing faster than anyone expects, we have the experience and expertise to craft innovative workforce technical solutions that position your business for success now and into the future.

When adopting new technologies, how you train employees and how they adapt to new work processes often has more impact on results than the technology and processes put in place to enable their success. We employ proven technology performance solutions to ensure operational readiness and operational excellence in your global manufacturing enterprise.

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Lufthansa Technical Training is an independent global training provider for staff involved in the maintenance, repair, and overhaul industry for aircraft, engines, and components of civil aviation.
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