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Changes in where and how work gets done in the automotive industry are rapid and widespread. Customers, the workforce, and competition are all evolving. To master the new environment, your workforce needs to be fully enabled and empowered. Solid strategies and solutions for learning and development are the cornerstone for workforce transformation and competitive success.

GP Strategies delivers those strategies and solutions. Across the automotive industry — for over 50 years — we have been pioneers and leaders in global learning and development. Our clients know and trust us as engaged partners in developing learning solutions for auto manufacturers and dealerships.

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Business Impact
More vehicles sold per consultant
Improvement in six-month retention

Re-envisioning Dealership Training by Enhancing the Trainer Certification Programme

A major automotive brand — with over 100 trainers who deliver more than 25,000 sessions per year, covering over 4,000 dealerships — needed to improve the efficiency and efficacy of its trainers to help dealers onboard new hires and sell more vehicles.
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Business Impact
0 +
Incremental sales
0 +
Sales consultants reached

Reinventing Competitive Sales Training at a Major Automotive Brand

A major automotive brand released a new truck into the highly competitive full-size light duty pickup market in the United States. They sought a new approach to their sales training model, with the goal of creating a lower-cost, further reaching, more effective solution.
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Business Impact
Increase in use of job aids
Increase in Net Promotor Score

Creating an Innovative Learning Strategy at a Major Automotive Brand

One major automotive brand sought to deliver relevant, moment-of-need learning and performance experiences to support selling more vehicles, enhancing the service experience, and improving customer satisfaction.
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Business Impact
Reduction in administrative workload
Participant passing rate

Implementing a Learner Experience Platform at a Major Automotive Brand

A major global automotive brand wanted to improve the onboarding process for creating well-trained district managers.
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I feel as if I am working less, talking less, touching the vehicle less, and getting better results.

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The New Learning Organisation: Building a Virtual Training Practice

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Blended Learning’s New Definition

Blended learning as a concept has been around for over twenty years. However, with the rise of digital transformation, the concept has evolved. What is blended learning? How has it changed? First, let’s talk about what it used to be.…