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Original Equipment Manufacturer Solutions

In automotive, expertise matters.

Consumers now have access to new information sources and digital tools that radically disrupt traditional automotive strategies. Meanwhile, the workforce has evolved to include five generations of professionals, each employee with distinct priorities and values when it comes to the work environment.

As leading automotive industry consultants and learning experts, we understand this disruption and tension. We craft results-oriented solutions so you can apply the right mix of methods and technologies to maximise impact throughout your enterprise.

A challenging environment demands creative solutions. Together, we will bring these solutions forward by creating a culture of outside-the-dealership thinking. We will collaborate on initiatives from exceptional events and experiences to fresh perspectives on supply chain management, process design and skills development. Understanding your goals, resources, distribution channels, and customers, we will design and implement enterprise level learning strategies, tailored to bring about measurable success.

Our Solutions

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Facility and Process Audits

Customer experience expectations have never been higher — nor has the need to realise profit opportunities been greater.

GP Strategies helps dealers re-imagine their processes to create new revenue and profit streams, and qualify for Original Equipment Manufacturer incentives, while delivering a more desirable guest experience.

Our proprietary certification app supports in-depth analysis and action planning while also creating the ability to conduct virtual audits. Retail managers follow and update action plans in real time and upload qualitative ‘evidence’ to accelerate adoption of new processes — and certification.

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Customer Experience

Retail auto is undergoing profound change in every area of the business, especially when it comes to the customer experience.

Hyper-personalisation, driven by innovative use of the available data, enables the curation of bespoke experiences that speak directly to individual preferences while creating a powerful branded experience — and stories designed to be re-told.

We can help you get there.

GP Strategies is a leader in Customer Experience design and implementation, including non-traditional selling models and the development of a luxury automotive academy.

We have the expertise to future-proof customer experience — and a proven track record in achieving SSI and CSI gains.

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Field Development

As market conditions continue to threaten sales and profits, dealers are now looking to field personnel for insights and answers.

The GP Strategies Automotive Retail Academy offers Original Equipment Manufacturers the opportunity to ‘fast track’ field development. Participants build a deeper retail business understanding and consultative skills to recognise gaps and introduce new best practices to close those gaps — as well as support continuing change.

We also offer exclusive operations analysis and planning software, with a proven global pedigree to help identify issue root causes and, most importantly, support planning and performance tracking. For field personnel, it is an invaluable toolkit for targeted action planning to drive improvements.

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People Strategies and Programmes

For any automaker, it is people who drive business results. But for any organisation the size of an automaker, people strategies are often the first to need shoring up. From welcoming junior job candidates to planning succession for key executive roles, GP Strategies is a trusted partner every step of the way.

When it comes to recruiting, we recommend a fit-for-role strategy backed by a robust people development strategy. The onboarding programme should connect with new employees to affirm their value and empower them to contribute to the company’s culture — while ensuring they reach their maximum potential as quickly as possible.

Our role design and performance support solutions, which identify goals and introduce metrics to assess the achievement of outcomes, align individual goals to the organisation’s business objectives.

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Training Centre Management

Whether intensive training is taking place in person or virtually, the need for world-class training facilities remains constant.

GP Strategies has the experience and unparalleled expertise to support clients from the design and launch of a new centre to turnkey management of existing facilities — including administration, budgeting and financial oversight, technical fleet care, maintenance of tools and equipment, and more. We will even host a state-of-the-art studio to produce web-based training, video on demand, and virtual training elements.

Staffing the TC comes next, with GP Strategies providing training administrators, translators, presenters, and managers for curriculum, IT, logistics, dealer network relationships, and facility operations.

Finally, all the above comes together to provide an ideal setting for best-in-class training. Whether the subject matter is technical, sales, service, or parts, our learning and development team will design and deliver in-person or online programmes to help automakers achieve their performance goals. Local, regional, and global deployment are supported by our complete Learning Management System management and administration solutions.

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Warranty Compliance

Managing the details of warranty repairs to align with shifting policies is a daunting task for service managers and technicians — compounded by pressures to streamline processes in the pursuit of greater profits.

The GP Strategies warranty programme follows proven processes to flag underlying issues, close process gaps, and educate managers and technicians to dramatically reduce dealer exposure to warranty claim returns.

For the Original Equipment Manufacturer, our approach realises the potential to both reduce warranty costs and improve CSI toward elevating service loyalty.

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Case Studies

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Business Impact
Increase in sales volume
Training satisfaction rate

Driving Better Performance For Porsche Sales

The Chinese retail network for Porsche needed to create a wholly immersive and effective learner journey. They challenged GP Strategies to design, develop, and deliver a transformative experience for their retail workforce.
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Business Impact
Reduction in administrative workload
Participant passing rate

Implementing a Learner Experience Platform at a Major Automotive Brand

A major global automotive brand wanted to improve the onboarding process for creating well-trained district managers. We worked with them to augment their existing programme through the implementation of a learning experience platform.
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