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Car retailing technology: The automotive customer experience

A quick survey of the dealer landscape paints a stark picture when it comes to technical roles: Never has there been a greater need to upskill. Institutional memory is walking out the door as baby boomers retire at an accelerated clip and leave behind a void that younger generations are hesitant to fill. And the steadily rising tide of electric vehicle adoption is generating high demand for code-savvy technicians.

Enter GP Strategies, with solutions to assist retailers in modernising their technical workforce. We view this not only as a compulsory exercise, but a tremendous set of major opportunities.

Whether we are running support centres around the world — delivering real-time information to field personnel in the moment of need — or managing technical recruitment and training to help produce confident and proficient workers, our focus is on empowering the people of your retail organisation. And from skills assessments to gamified employee competitions, we will improve learning retention and demonstrate the return on your investment.

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Electrification is changing the service landscape, impacting the need for mechanical repair while creating the need for new specialised skills and facilities.

GP Strategies offers end-to-end capabilities and expertise to support Original Equipment Manufacturers and retailers, including facilities and process planning and training solutions.

We provide EV expertise across sales, technical and non-technical aftersales — with launches either globally or in regional markets. We work upstream with Original Equipment Manufacturers to certify GP Master Trainers and then translate content to support local instruction, including high voltage training.

Our implementation solutions range from instructor-led classroom to virtual training supported by consulting and coaching.

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Speed and accuracy are the cornerstones for a successful technician career — with benefits for both the technician and the dealer.

To develop those skills, GP Strategies supports Original Equipment Manufacturers globally to plan, promote and stage technician skills assessments and competitions.

In addition to planning and organising, we manage the venue, suppliers, and event sponsors. We also provide turnkey administration including examiners, skit players, and judging. To support judging, we offer smart scoring systems, automated analysis, and reporting to identify performance gaps for future training focus.

GP was also able to pivot in 2020 to design and facilitate a virtual sales and non-technical aftersales skills competition.

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With robust people development and proven process management, GP Strategies supplies Original Equipment Manufacturers with expert diagnostic support across the globe, providing just-in-time support for retail technicians.

We hire, train, and manage call centre personnel — all of whom are industry experts. Our teams respond to tens of thousands of contacts annually, offering multi-lingual support across 18 time zones. Most importantly, we employ a metrics-driven approach to performance, focused on response time, resolution time, and customer satisfaction.

When appropriate, we escalate issues to field service engineering, and support smartglass-enabled remote visual diagnostics and technical assistance.

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With increasing technological complexity, Original Equipment Manufacturers and dealers are challenged to keep pace with relevant content and effective performance solutions to support technician development.

GP Strategies offers our clients a full-service solution, beginning with hiring and recruiting and real-time performance support that includes remote diagnosis and virtual digital repairs and maintenance assistance.

Our recent innovations include the launch of a technician recruitment software platform, development of a proprietary video-based diagnostic and repair tool, and simulation training for OBD systems.

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savings in materials and energy consumption

Introducing Augmented Reality to Field Tech Training

A major automotive brand needed to quickly update the welding skills of their dealership repair technicians throughout the Middle East, so they could work on a new vehicle with a 64% alluminium architecture. Dealers could not sell the model until technicians successfully completed training.
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