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Technology Implementation and Adoption

As the automotive industry changes at an unprecedented rate, companies rely on advancing technologies to compete in the marketplace. Yet without a comprehensive technology adoption strategy, the implementation of ERP systems, workforce management applications, mobile technology, and cloud-based solutions can cause more problems than they solve. 

When technology implementation and adoption go well, they can contribute to significant cost reductions, improved productivity, a more engaged workforce, superior business results, and a healthy return on investment for the technology spend.

The question is: how do you get from point A — constantly struggling to make the technology work, to point B — the seamless implementation and adoption of technology in all areas of the business?

That transition is a crucial one, and we make it easier, smoother, and demonstrably more successful for our clients.

Few aspects of the modern business environment present more challenges than the adoption of technology. Challenges such as:

  • Lack of clear or integrated technology goals
  • Steep learning curves for IT personnel and end-users
  • High cost of hardware, software, security and training
  • Lengthy implementation processes that slow delivery
  • Selecting the wrong technology for the problem
  • Poor integration of systems that must work together
  • Tracking obsolescent and emerging technologies
  • Insufficient support from technology vendors

Your transformation technology implementation partner

For more than 50 years, we’ve immersed ourselves in the global automotive industry, working closely with automakers, distributors, and dealerships around the world. In the process, we’ve gained the experience and expertise needed to assist global automotive brands in solving problems today while preparing them for the future. 

Our proven technology adoption frameworks, combined with our implementation support services, help global brands leverage new technologies across the enterprise to deliver critical business outcomes.

Our Solutions

Enterprise technology adoption solutions for an evolving industry

Whether embarking on a new IT implementation, upgrading your systems, or rolling out technology to reach new workforce communities, your end-user solutions should focus on workforce performance. Only then can you ensure success through all phases of the implementation project lifecycle. 

We are committed to providing the change management and learning experiences your organisation needs to harness the power of 21st-century workplace technologies and achieve your business goals.

Case Studies

Explore our real-world client success stories

Business Impact
Reduction in administrative workload
Participant passing rate

Implementing a Learner Experience Platform at a Major Automotive Brand

A major global automotive brand wanted to improve the process for creating well-trained district managers.
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Business Impact
learning history records migrated
100,000+ Learning items accessed since go-live

Achieving a Successful Dual Learning Management System Migration During a Company Reorganisation

A client needed to spin off two of their subsidiaries. This prompted the need to provide the subsidiaries with their own human capital management solutions, including individual learning management systems.
Read the case study
Business Impact
0 K
High quality leads generated
0 +
Dealers adopted the program in the first year

Increasing Digital Leads and Sales for a Global Automotive Manufacturer

A new program showed great potential to provide independently owned dealerships with quality leads, but first they had to opt in to the program.
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GP Strategies helped improve the process for creating well-trained district managers.


Insight and Innovation

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