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Business Consulting and Organisational Development Solutions

Strategy, leadership and learning to

Across all banking, insurance, and investment sectors and channels, digital transformation has made competition and change a fast perpetual cycle. New technologies and shifting customer expectations, digital-only competitors, compressed margins, regulatory pressures, and outdated training and sales approaches have made traditional business processes obsolete. To succeed, you either drive the change that occurs in your markets or end up chasing those that do.

GP Strategies’ expert financial services organisational development consultants help you identify where your business needs to go and what it will take to get there. Then we work with you to develop and execute strategy that brings out the best in your most valuable resource – your people. Whether your business needs a change in workforce mindsets and performance, learning and development technologies, or critical business processes, we are the transformation partner you can trust.

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Performance Return on Investment you can measure

Are you under pressure to justify the cost and impact of organisational training and workforce transformation?

GP Strategies’ banking, insurance, and financial services management consulting helps turn middle-of-the-pack and aspiring companies into best-in-class organisations through flawless execution across all areas of learning, leadership, and workforce development. Employing a proven approach that integrates leading technology, innovative learning paradigms, and business process best practices, we deliver cost-effective, high-performance organisational development solutions.

We integrate technology with people and know-how to help your business win.

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Our Solutions

Keeping your people inspired, connected, and engaged.

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Change Management

Across the spectrum of money and finance, develop and execute organisation transformation, readiness, resilience, and leadership.

A consumer-service organisation’s ability to translate learning into action is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Let’s start something great!

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Culture Change

Leadership strategies and business consulting to transform financial institutions to achieve sustainable performance results.

Flexibility, adaptability, and innovation are not something you do. They are who you become.

Explore our agile change process.

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Organisation Design

Building consumer-centric financial services readiness with people, process, structure, strategy, performance execution, and metrics.

Aligning vision, consumer and technology strategy, and an always-evolving workforce is a continuous journey.

Choose the right partner for your journey.

Case Studies

Explore our real-world client success stories

Business Impact

Understanding Customer-Centred Sales Culture at a Large Bank Holding Company

A leader in the financial services industry wanted to create a learning solution that would provide employees with a foundational understanding of the retail sales culture.
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Business Impact
Analysis uncovered a yearly loss estimate of $40,000 and the full-time equivalent of 15.6 weeks per year due to repeat work

Identifying Compliance Reporting Problems and Streamlining Process with a Six Sigma Approach

A routine training completion audit showed five cases where learning compliance was out of tolerance, despite efforts to ensure accurate training assignments, and were escalated to the Compliance Board for review.
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Business Impact
Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning
programme costs and simplified processes

Designing and Delivering a Workforce of the Future Programme for a Global Financial Services Company

A global financial services company is actively using automation to remove low-impact, repetitive tasks from the workforce.
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The numbers in the analysis were shocking,” and concluded the potential dollar value of the loss was $40,000 per year.

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