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Business Consulting and Organisational Development

Face the disruption and emerge stronger

It is a challenging and disruptive time for life sciences organisations. As changing pricing, regulations, care models, and customer needs converge, gaps in your workforce, processes, and technologies are becoming more pronounced. It is imperative that organisations become more agile and make data-driven decisions. As with every industry, COVID-19 has drawn a line in the sand. You cannot go back to the way it was, but you know you have to progress. Many will stay frozen in this state too long. You do not have to be one of them.

GP Strategies’ expert life sciences organisational development consultants help you identify where your business needs to go and what it will take to get there. Whether you need new technologies, automated solutions, advanced analytics, new processes, or a re-engineered customer experience for your website, we will work with you to develop and execute strategy that aligns your people with the change and brings forth enthusiasm for your transformation. 

When strategy aligns with capable leadership and a performance-ready workforce, exceptional results are achieved.

Performance Return on Investment you can count on

Are you under pressure to justify the cost and impact of organisational learning, training, and workforce transformation?

Our life sciences industry performance experts help transforming enterprises become best-in-class organisations through flawless execution across all areas of learning, leadership, and workforce development. Our experts partner with your teams to:

  • Set direction by working with leadership and executive sponsors to shape vision, strategy, and operating cadence.
  • Organise and deliver alignment with your goals and measures of success, and map process, people, and systems to your strategy.
  • Align effort with the mission to help your organisation thrive in a competitive marketplace.
  • Drive engagement by identifying and defining current and future ways of working to produce high organisational performance.
  • Adopt and integrate technology into existing systems and processes to deliver increased effectiveness, improved results, and higher achievement.
  • Optimise processes by identifying and redesigning for key role outcomes to enable new ways of working.
  • Develop capable leaders and high performers throughout your organisation to drive strategic improvement.

We look at your organisation as a holistic organism that needs to operate on one vision, one strategy, and one unified goal. 

Our Solutions

Keeping your people inspired, connected, and engaged

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Developing and executing individual and organisation transformation, readiness, resilience, and leadership.

Everything is changing in life sciences today. Being ready to act on those changes is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Let’s start something great
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Building leadership and learning strategies to transform organisations to achieve sustainable performance results.

Flexibility, adaptability, and innovation are not just something you do. They are who you become.

Explore our agile change process
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Building market-focused, high-tech enterprise readiness with people, processes, structure, strategy, performance execution, and metrics.

Aligning vision, strategy, execution, and an always-evolving workforce is a continuous journey.

Choose the right partner to journey with

Case Studies

Explore our real-world client success stories

Business Impact
increase in completed applications
decrease in application time for candidates

Recruiting Assessment and Remediation for Barton Health

Barton Health was faced with an outdated Recruiting environment. The organisation was growing and processes needed to be re-evaluated and GP Strategies did a full assessment and recommended updates and functionality suggestions that fit their needs.
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Business Impact

Validated SuccessFactors Learning for a Medical Devices Company

A Danish medical devices company, employing about 2,000 white- and blue-collar workers around the world, needed to ensure that all employees comply with the newest version of the Quality HandBooks (QHBs) and Instructions (INS), and participate in other forms of compliance training.
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Business Impact
Instructor-led and Virtual Training Courses implemented
eLearning Courses GP Strategies successfully implemented a blended learning curriculum

A Dose of Blended Learning at a Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

A Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company needed help implementing SAP ERP functionality to support their global operations in their planning, financials, supply chain, manufacturing, and business intelligence business processes. With so much at stake, they turned to GP Strategies to achieve a successful implementation.
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Business Impact
2018 Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology

Developing the Sales Force at CooperVision

For the 2017 conference, the sales managers planned to present workshops on three different topics: The Business of Optometry, 1 Day Strategy Execution, and Business Selling Conversations. To prepare their sales managers to facilitate these workshops, CooperVision enlisted the help of GP Strategies®.
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After realising that our system needed to be brought up to date…we reached out to Hula for support. They did a full assessment of our current environment and recommend a fully optimised solution for us…Now, our processes are running better than ever based on the updates and support that Hula has continued to provide post-implementation, and we are now on solid footing for future growth!

Gia Schrauben, Senior Recruiter