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Changes in life sciences organisations are shattering the paradigms we have become accustomed to. Pared-down workforces are now needed to perform in a period of growth. The industry is placing an added emphasis on customer centricity. Pricing and regulatory pressures are bearing down on your people. Leaders have questions about how to move employees up the value chain when artificial intelligence and automation are playing an increasing role in the industry. The expectations for innovation, quality, and operational excellence are increasing. Information security and regulatory compliance demands are escalating. In short, markets, customers, competitors, supply chains, and the workforce are rapidly transforming.

To master that transformation, strategies need to be executed, and your workforce needs to be fully enabled. Successful

execution demands talent, processes, tools, technical expertise, and the right mindset. Beyond that, you must also consider the bigger picture so that solutions build upon what your people already know. In short, strategies and solutions for learning and development are at the heart of workforce transformation and competitive success.

GP Strategies is adept at creating those strategies and solutions. Across the life sciences industry—for over 50 years—we have been a pioneer and leader in global learning and development. It is our core competency and an area of specialisation we understand better than most. Our clients know and trust us as engaging and expert partners in developing learning solutions for hardware and systems, software and applications, services and platforms, communications and networks, data and transaction services, and the entire range of the industry.

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Business Impact
Instructor-led and Virtual Training Courses implemented
Simulations and work instructions were completed

A Dose of Blended Learning at a Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

A Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company needed help implementing SAP ERP functionality to support their global operations in their planning, financials, supply chain, manufacturing, and business intelligence business processes.
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Business Impact
Brandon Hall Gold Excellence in Talent Management
Participants felt their leadership skills improved

Developing Leaders at Havas Health & You: From Introspection to Inspiration

It is this genius and creativity that Havas Health & You offers to its clients, the intellectual capital present in the incredible work done by Havas Health & You employees. And so it stands to reason that making sure Havas Health & You employees are motivated and thriving at work is critical to the organisation’s—and their clients’—success.
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Insight and Innovation

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The New Learning Organisation: Building a Virtual Training Practice

Now that working and learning virtually is continuing longer than originally expected, leaders need to develop a new virtual training strategy, one that extends beyond simple conversions and considers shifting the entire virtual strategy from a mode of surviving to…

Episode #41 | The Future Learning and Development (L&D) Career: How technology is shaping the…

Whether you are a Technophile who seeks out every new gadget out there or a Luddite who fiercely opposes them, the fact that technology is changing the way we live and work is undeniable. This is especially true for learning and development (L&D) careers,…

Episode #43 | Modern Learning Technologies: The Art of the Possible

Research shows that we make about 35,000 decisions every single day, from the trousers you will wear to how you will word that email. Amidst the sea of decisions we have to make, having a tonne of options makes the experience even…