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Effective leaders know that the secret to their success is a combination of discipline, preparation and opportunity. In high-tech, the industry’s strategic, tactical and operational challenges also present many potential opportunities. Forward-looking high-tech enterprises recognise they can improve leadership success at all levels by focusing on 'preparation' – with robust leadership training programmes – to empower their leaders to command the industry’s complexity and competitiveness.

Today’s industry leaders require both unique subject-matter expertise and proficiencies in listening, empathy, thinking, assessment, evaluation, collaboration, inspiration, strategy-to-execution vision, and perhaps most importantly, communication.


These essentials need to be distilled and delivered into operationally-practical, and technology-relevant, programmes.

With the breadth and scope of our leadership work in top high-tech enterprises across the world, we have built those solutions for you. In the world of organisation leadership strategies, we have become an essential guide, provider, and trusted partner for our industry clients.

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Leading Technical People+ at Paycor

After an extensive review of existing managerial development programmes, Paycor decided to work with GP Strategies and deploy a leadership experience geared toward the needs of technical people: Leading Technical People+ (LTP+). Paycor certified their own resources, who quickly became experts able to deliver the programme.
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