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The disruptions that are transforming the high-tech industry present immense opportunities for leading-edge organisations to respond creatively to change and uncertainty. The agile and assertive response to competitive change deploys a well-prepared workforce armed with relevant, effectively delivered solutions.

All leading organisations across high-tech access the expertise and experience provided by dedicated managed learning service providers. As a long-established leader in that field, our outsourced training and learning services supplement and complement your learning team with expert professionals who deliver best-in-class learning solutions for you and your workforce.

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Implementation of Compliance Training Within Blended Learning Programmes

At leading power companies, blended learning training programmes help equip leadership, operations, maintenance, human resources, and other functional areas with the knowledge and skills to make better decisions that lead to that desired reliability and uptime.
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The New Learning Organisation: Building a Virtual Training Practice

Now that working and learning virtually is continuing longer than originally expected, leaders need to develop a new virtual training strategy, one that extends beyond simple conversions and considers shifting the entire virtual strategy from a mode of surviving to…

Episode #41 | The Future Learning and Development (L&D) Career: How technology is shaping the…

Whether you are a Technophile who seeks out every new gadget out there or a Luddite who fiercely opposes them, the fact that technology is changing the way we live and work is undeniable. This is especially true for learning and development (L&D) careers,…

Episode #43 | Modern Learning Technologies: The Art of the Possible

Research shows that we make about 35,000 decisions every single day, from the trousers you will wear to how you will word that email. Amidst the sea of decisions we have to make, having a tonne of options makes the experience even…