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Technology Implementation and Adoption

If any industry has positioned itself for ongoing change, you might think it would be high-tech. Yet, high-tech companies are not immune to disruptive change and the many challenges that accompany it.

Cloud computing has become the price of entry for global high-tech businesses. To successfully migrate to the cloud, organisations must learn to think and work differently. High-tech companies must also contend with shorter product cycles and updates that occur at increasingly frequent intervals. The time and cost required to get people trained and ready for the


inevitable changes often results in higher operational costs and talent or knowledge gaps. Increasingly complex regulations around cyber security challenge high-tech firms to spend significant amounts of time and money protecting their customers and employees. 

Future success for high-tech firms requires the ability to learn at the speed of change. For many, the process of adopting and implementing the new technologies needed to drive successful workforce transformation poses the most difficult challenge of all.

As a global leader in transformational learning, we have the expertise to help high-tech companies navigate the changing landscape brought about by the cloud, regulatory changes, and other issues. Through custom solutions developed by our high-tech training consultants, we enable your global enterprise to effectively leverage new technology to optimise performance and deliver critical business outcomes.

We prepare your workforce for the adoption of new technologies and work processes with targeted learning, training, and support practices.

  • Training Consulting and Strategic Alignment. Conducting analysis and assessment of your current programme, along with recommendations for improvement, ensures every employee has the right skills and knowledge to produce the business results needed from their position. 
  • Blended Learning. Experience has taught us that personalised and targeted approaches to learning yield better results than one-size-fits-all training. Our custom blended learning solutions help take performance to the next level by combining personalised, focused, and digital learning methods with instructor-led training and just-in-time performance support.
  • User Readiness. When adopting new technologies, users must have the training to effectively execute key job tasks and solve problems. Our solutions combine leading-edge organisation learning and change management approaches to prepare your employees for change.
  • Performance Support. After go-live, we assist employees in learning and adapting to their new processes and job tasks with just-in-time access to customised help content.
  • Communities of Practice. As best practices develop, our solutions help ensure they are captured and shared amongst user communities.

The need for training and performance support does not end at 'Go-Live'. As your technology adoption and implementation partner, we deliver ongoing solutions to quickly bring employees up to speed when they join the organisation or change jobs.