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Adapting a Global Leadership Organization’s Learning Strategy and Content in the Midst of a Global Crisis

The work described in this case study was performed by LEO Learning prior to becoming part of GP Strategies.


A leading global leadership organization wanted to modernize its learning strategies to move from strictly face-to-face training to blended learning. However, partway through the five-part project with LEO Learning, the global pandemic hit and the organization was faced with the challenge of pivoting its strategy once more to prioritize virtual and distance learning.

This global leadership organization historically delivered all of its networking, onboarding, and training in a face-to-face environment. It held large conference-style events, training days, and networking events around the world, throughout the year.

Keen to modernize, the organization worked with LEO Learning to adapt some of its current learning material to a more blended solution, offering both digital and face-to-face learning.

In addition, the organization was keen to be able to distribute its onboarding materials to a wider audience without the need to fly members to different locations. Much of its training (that had not taken place at events) previously took the form of eBooks and written materials. These would become the basis of a series of new eLearning modules and digital learning content.

Blended Learning
Learning Video
Learning Strategy


With the aim to modernize the organization’s training and induction communications, LEO set about creating five custom eLearning modules. Using animation, icons, and scenario-based learning, each of these modules was designed to facilitate learning and networking events at a distance.

At the start of the project, one of the modules focused on training up senior members on live event delivery. However, when the pandemic hit and the organization needed to pivot its strategy to focus on virtual and distance learning, the module morphed into training for online facilitation.

This particular module included the use of remote video creation with the aid of LEO’s resident video expert Frank McCabe. As a part of this training, Frank taught senior members of the organization how to plan, film, and edit videos from their remote-working locations.

A further module came in two parts, aimed at onboarding six unique job roles within the organization. The two parts covered a condensed version of the content to be completed within a 30-minute window, and the other was a more in-depth look at the learning.

Wanting to steer clear of negative reinforcement and maintain a positive attitude towards the leadership training, LEO designed the modules to focus on “good”, “better”, and “best” responses to the questions. This way, the assessment phase of the training also acted as a further chance to learn with the aim of further integrating the learning into members’ day-to-day conduct within the organization.


LEO worked very collaboratively with the organization, and as such, it had a lot of input into the final product. Elements it found particularly useful for ongoing learning include the focus on positive reinforcement, the collaboratively scripted problem-solving scenarios, and the continuous scroll features in two of the first modules within the project.

One of the most important results from this project is its leadership’s new abilities in facilitating online learning and networking events.

The video workshop proved particularly useful as it allows the team to scale up their content without investing in high-tech equipment or waiting for lockdown and travel restrictions to be lifted.

Overall, this project has contributed significantly to the organization’s ability to adapt, both in strategy and content, to learning and networking at a distance.

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