abstract woman learning technologyResearch shows that we make about 35,000 decisions every single day, from the pants you’ll wear to how you’ll word that email. Amidst the sea of decisions we have to make, having a ton of options makes the experience even more daunting, but somehow, we are always able to narrow it down (anyone else thinking of diner menus?).

When it comes to choosing learning solutions for your organization, how can you decide what is best when there are so many options to choose from? How do you strike a balance between the latest and greatest technologies out on the market with your organization’s specific business and IT requirements? In this episode, learning technology experts, Tom Pizer and Kathleen Duncan, shed some insider perspective on what to consider when tackling this process, revealing that constraints can actually be a guiding light in making the right decision.

Don’t miss part two of Tom and Kathleen’s conversation, “Modern Learning Technologies: Implementing for Success”. Listen here.

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