woman futuristic computer touch screenYour organization needs a new learning solution, and you found the right platform. You’ve crossed off some major milestones from your to-do list:

  • Get initial buy-in and secure funding
  • Write up an SOW
  • Start the design process
  • Identify stakeholders and champions
  • Plan out delivery schedules
  • Pick a launch date

But are you really ready for go-live? It’s tempting to push through the checklist and get to the finish line, but what’s the point of all the time, effort, and dollars spent when there is more attention on the launch date and not much focus on implementation? What if there is massive push back? What if the pilot doesn’t go well? What if the team wants to take a completely different approach 90% into the project?

Tom Pizer and Kathleen Duncan, learning technology experts, offer crucial insights on how they handle those “what if” scenarios and reveal that the key to a successful implementation focuses on the journey along the way (constant feedback, constant big picture goal alignment, constant innovation and iteration) and not just pushing ahead to the destination.

If you missed the first part of Tom and Kathleen’s conversation, “Modern Learning Technologies: The Art of the Possible”, listen to it here.

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