Learning Simulations and Scenarios

Put your learners in the driver’s seat.

A Space to Practice and Explore

Learning simulations allow learners to practice and explore work processes. By taking them through a lifecycle of a process, your learners can see how the different parts of a business process connect with each other.


A simulation of a used car showroom could allow your learners to see what it means to increase or decrease their staffing levels, change pay structures, or adapt marketing budgets. By experimenting, they can learn about the likely secondary effects and outcomes in terms of profits and other areas of the business.


Learning Simulations to Suit Your Learning and Development (L&D) Needs

Learning simulations place learners right at the heart of the action, from start to finish. Simulations range from sophisticated business tools to working with 3D visualisations of specialised equipment. Our simulation services cover:

Business Simulations | Harness complex data modelling and algorithms to give your learners a sandbox to practice making key business decisions in a safe, no-risk way.

Software Simulations | Recreate parts of your system to deliver targeted learning on key processes and set learners up for success. Your learners can get comfortable with new software in a simulated environment before starting to use the real thing.

Hardware Simulations and 3D Modelling Your learners can access fully-functioning 3D models of highly specialised equipment for low-risk practice, allowing them to be fully trained in a virtual context before working with the equipment in a real-world setting.

Scenario-Based Learning as a Powerful Learning Tool

Scenarios put your learners in realistic yet challenging situations - often ones that would be difficult to replicate in real life. Scenario-based learning is a form of gamification that is incredibly powerful in an eLearning context. A scenario-based game can reflect tasks your learners do in their day-to-day jobs. In this way, you can help link the game to your learners’ real-time learning needs.

Scenarios are also great environments to work through the grey areas of decision-making. Your learners can experiment and fail safely and at the same time, gain deep insights into the impact of their choices and decisions.

Read about our work with PRELOADED and Invesco QQQ to create a web-based learning game to help college students develop healthy financial habits.

Scenarios for Real-Life Learning

We have been leading the field for years with our award-winning scenarios. We can build scenario-based learning that will reflect what your learners need to know.

Here are some common ways we can use scenarios to immerse your learners:

  • Judgement and decision-making
  • Assimilation
  • Behaviours in practice
  • Contexts and perspectives
  • Grey areas
  • Repeated practice

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