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Self Leadership Development

Professional leadership development programmes tailored to your employees’ needs

When you invest in professional development you send a message to your employees that you are vested in helping them enhance their contributions to the organisation and improve their personal satisfaction. Prioritising self leadership and professional development demonstrates a commitment to your employees. Our professional development opportunities employ leading-edge solutions to position leaders at all levels of your business to deliver improved individual, team, and organisational results.

We know leadership development

Every employee has different learning needs and preferences. Our professional leadership development programmes create learning that 'sticks' by tailoring our delivery to match the learning style of each individual. People learn faster, retain more, and apply more of what they learnt to their leadership behaviours.

We know effective learning

We offer extensive self-leadership development opportunities to meet individual and collective workforce needs. Developing leaders can take courses for just in time learning that targets specific developmental needs or to complement a more comprehensive learning journey.

  1. Accountability

    Organisations that hold people accountable get things done. Individuals and learners learn to create a culture of accountability by holding themselves accountable and ensuring their actions align with the values, strategies, and goals of the organisation.

  2. Communicate with Clarity

    High performance requires elite communication skills at all levels of leadership. This course delivers a process for creating open communication that increases rapport, productivity, and results.

  3. Delegation

    One of the most effective ways to empower people is to delegate to them. Done effectively, leaders can delegate to get things done and delegate for career development, This programme teaches when, where, and how to delegate so leaders can focus on their top priorities and help the people they lead grow and develop.

  4. Emotional Intelligence

    Emotional intelligence (EQ) provides a more reliable predictor of success than IQ. In this course, learners explore and practice the development of EQ to increase career success and the quality of their relationships, inside and outside of the workplace.

  5. Facilitating Effective Meetings

    Poorly run meetings waste time and frustrate employees. This professional leadership development programme provides a step-by-step guide for leading fast-paced, productive meetings that capitalise on the time and talents of everyone in the room.

  6. Giving and Receiving Feedback

    Employees crave feedback, but only if managers deliver it in a timely, honest, and supportive manner. Learn the skills needed to give and receive constructive feedback in a way that maintains relationships and increases performance.

  7. Handling Conflict

    Productive conflict leads to higher performance. Destructive conflict builds walls and barriers that prevent it. Learn to manage conflict by analysing and communicating differences in a way that strengthens individual and team relationships.

  8. Mentoring

    Mentors serve as a trusted guide for leaders at all levels. This course supports mentors and mentees in learning about each other, identifying interaction guidelines, and setting goals for a successful mentoring relationship.

  9. Presentation Skills

    Effective leaders know how to present information that informs, educates, and motivates. Learn and practice the art of influencing and inspiring others by delivering a clear, concise message in this highly interactive course.

  10. Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

    Employees in any organisation find themselves solving problems on a daily basis. Learning to identify the problem, pinpoint the true cause, and identify a workable solution is essential for personal, professional, and organisational success.

  11. Stress Management

    The ability to understand and manage stress correlates directly to effective leadership. Participants will learn to recognise their personal sources of stress, its effects on their performance, and how to develop resilience strategies to reduce it.

  12. Teamwork

    When people are aligned with achieving the same goals, teams can accomplish far more than individuals. Leaders will learn the skills to make this happen by empowering team members to participate, collaborate, and collectively monitor the team’s progress toward the goals.

  13. Time Management

    With the business world continually moving faster, time management becomes an increasingly valuable skill. In this course, participants learn proven time-management techniques for organising their days, completing tasks more efficiently, and getting more done in less time with less stress.

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