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Global Facilitation and Consulting

The right partner for your transformation journey

During times of rapid change, organisations must develop and align their strategy, culture, and leadership for successful business transformation. Yet, during these times, the focus of leadership often gets drawn to tactical and operational issues rather than developing the perspective needed to understand and create transformative change.

We specialise in customised problem-identification and solution-formulation strategies to help shift your perspective and reinvent your organisation. Drawing upon the synthesis of our broad and deep global engagements across industries and economic cycles, we facilitate the development of new ways of thinking that individual businesses and leaders struggle to achieve on their own.

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Delivery Resource Management

From transformative learning initiatives to coaching, mentoring, strategy, and facilitated programmes, our global perspective on leadership informs and guides new ways of thinking about leadership development, culture change, and strategy.

Faced with this constant flux, organisations require an agile and versatile facilitation partner that is prepared to move quickly to meet learning goals while maintaining a long-term supportive relationship.

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Working with you in partnership

As partners in your transformation journey, our facilitators, coaches, and consultants become an extended member of your team, delivering workshops, coaching leaders, and launching talent management initiatives. With backgrounds in Human Resources, Learning and Development, Organisation Development, and more, these accredited professionals have the real-world experience to deliver the right resources in the right place to facilitate dramatic shifts in perspective.

  • Right resource. Our network of 1500+ associates enables us to quickly and easily source the right facilitator, consultant, or coach for your needs.
  • Right place. Benefit from our global presence and local relevance – 70 countries and multiple languages.
  • Right results. Transform leadership so your organisation can anticipate and quickly respond to sudden change.

We have proven processes, best practices, and lessons learnt to bring greater success to your organisation. Our commitment to crafting intelligent solutions and delivering extraordinary service helps us attract the industry’s best facilitation experts—professionals who are aligned with our core vision and values. 

Insight and Innovation

Discover thought leadership from our clients and team of experts.

L&D Training Program: Measure for Impact

Measure for Impact from the GP Strategies Measurement Academy is a four-week learning journey providing participants with a repeatable process to measure the business outcomes of learning programs and demonstrate the value of L&D investments in their organization.

Combating Organisational Ambiguity to Achieve Successful Change

It’s no secret that many organizations struggle to realize (and measure) an ROI from their change initiatives. With siloed business units and specialized programs, it can be exceptionally difficult for organizations to develop and deploy a comprehensive change management strategy.

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