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Virtual Reality (VR) Learning Solutions

Virtual reality learning for real-life results

Virtual reality (VR) solutions give organisations the power to learn, practice, and bring people together in a simulated environment. At GP Strategies, we partner with you to design, develop, and deliver virtual reality training programmes to elevate learning and improve business process. We bring the best strategies, technologies and expertise together to create immersive and collaborative experiences.

What was once cost prohibitive is now cost effective, reducing the strain of logistics and the concerns about safety and risk. And the technologies are increasingly accessible and available every day.

Go anywhere, from anywhere

With the right design, virtual reality learning:

  • Creates a more engaging learning experience
  • Encourages self-guided exploration and trial-and-error learning
  • Allows employees to make mistakes (without consequences) and learn from them
  • Promotes collaborative learning
  • Boosts learning retention
  • Reduces training costs
  • Speeds the learning process

Designing the impossible.

Most organisations have real-world learning scenarios that cannot be taught in the real world without unacceptable risks or prohibitive costs. Our virtual reality (VR) learning solutions shatter these limitations by enabling the design and production of ‘impossible’ scenarios and virtually inserting learners into them for highly realistic learning.

We turn traditional learning upside down and design virtual reality (VR) training solutions to more effectively:


Learn with endless possibilities and go anywhere, from anywhere.

Using Virtual Reality (VR), experts can walk learners through complex concepts, processes, sales and customer service best practices, and more.


Access spaces previously inaccessible.

Explore and visualise abstract and complex concepts, processes, and procedures.


Reinforce learning by practising real-world applications with on-the-job scenarios, exercises and case studies.

and Coach

Bring experts to your people wherever they are to demonstrate, collaborate, coach, or evaluate in a simulated space.

Discover Virtual reality (VR) Teamscape

A virtual training experience like no other!

Embrace the future of learning with Virtual reality (VR) Teamscape™, a premiere virtual reality experience for team building, leadership skills training and virtual collaboration using the industry’s latest technologies.

Connect with your peers and feel as if they are right beside you in this immersive, virtual experience while you learn new techniques and build your knowledge. Get ready for your greatest learning adventure.

Virtual reality (VR) Teamscape is deployable through any computer running on a modern web browser and/or is accessible through most available Virtual reality (VR) headsets. It is easily deployable via a moderated and facilitated format.

Case Studies

Explore our real-world client success stories

Virtual Reality Maintenance App

Facebook Data Centres manage and operate numerous electrical systems and switchboards as part of their facility operations. Maintenance, troubleshooting, and procedural training is often conducted onsite; however, there is a safety risk and operational impact with shutting down equipment unnecessarily.
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Business Impact
Brandon Hall gold badge Excellence in Learning in 2020
of respondents felt emotional intelligence supported career growth

Designing and Delivering a Workforce of the Future Programme For a Global Financial Services Company

The company partnered with GP Strategies® to develop and implement a learning programme enabling employees to apply emotional intelligence in their work and gain a deeper understanding of automation.
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