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Learning Administration

Measurable value to your entire organisation

Learning and development professionals are increasingly asked to deliver results at lower costs while managing consistency across training events and Learning Management System (LMS) administration. At the same time, you are expected to navigate a seemingly endless learning technologies market and demonstrate the value of training.

GP Strategies is the leading partner for your training and development needs. Our proven outsourcing strategies, mapped to your organisation’s goals, drive cost reductions and a greater focus on your core business for sustainable long-term results.

Local strategies, global results

Balancing the local needs of global companies often results in learning and development (L&D) providing inefficient and inconsistent support, making it difficult to demonstrate value to the business. Our experienced Learning Management System (LMS) administration consultants craft effective strategies based on regional market conditions, and are expert in aligning local training administration needs with your company’s global objectives.

Outsourced learning for high performance

Our training administration development programmes include:

  1. Training coordination

    Link your learning strategy to a global deployment model that delivers cost-effective, high-performing, and consistent delivery. We ensure a positive Return on Investment (ROI) with built-in quality checks, programme management and evaluation, and digital tools for fast, efficient tracking, reporting, and billing.

  2. Training delivery

    Leverage hundreds of internal and external instructor resources to meet your training delivery needs. All instructors must meet rigorous requirements, including relevant experience and certifications, to ensure the delivery of quality training in a consistent and cost-effective manner.

  3. Learning Management System (LMS) administration

    We provide Learning Management System (LMS) support for millions of learners in over 80 countries. Use our expertise to leverage the full value of your Learning Management System (LMS) for timely and accurate data entry and reporting.

  4. Curriculum management

    We design, develop, and manage comprehensive programme curriculums with an eye to logistical excellence and cost-effectiveness.

  5. Measurement and learning analytics

    Too often, learning and development (L&D) programmes are launched without a clear vision of success or a strategy to achieve it. Not at GP Strategies! Our experts partner with you to define success, and then deploy strategies to turn actionable insights into results.

  6. Learner support and help desk services

    Provide a single point of contact for your employees with service delivery centres in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Our friendly customer service and digital technologies make it easy to access end-to-end support for your learners and learning programmes.

  7. Technology hosting

    Whether you choose to host onsite or in the cloud, we ensure the technology works in your unique environment – without disruption, escalating costs, or security compromises.

Case Studies

Explore our real-world client success stories

Business Impact
Reduction in administrative workload
Passing rate among applicants

Implementing a Learner Experience Platform at a Major Automotive Brand

GP Strategies worked with the automotive brand to augment their existing District Manager in Training (DMIT) onboarding programme through the implementation of a learning experience platform (LXP).
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Business Impact
Course completions per month
Courses were web-based training

Implementation of Compliance Training Within Blended Learning Programmes

As part of their competitive strategy going forward, this global power company partnered with the GP Strategies’ GPiLEARN+ Learning Management System (LMS) and its associated catalogue of over 2,600 courses.
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Business Impact
Uncovered a yearly loss
FTE weeks/year uncovered due to repeat work

Identifying Compliance Reporting Problems and Streamlining Process with a Six Sigma Approach

The business sought to engage a partner that could leverage Six Sigma methodology to identify the root causes of the inherent problems and recommend solutions to remedy and streamline processes.
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GP Strategies helped improve the process for creating well-trained district managers.


The numbers in the analysis were shocking, and concluded the potential dollar value of the loss was $40,000 per year.

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Insight and Innovation

Discover thought leadership from our clients and team of experts

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