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Emergency Management Consulting Services

When preparing for the worst, partner with the best

Developing an emergency preparedness strategy often takes a back seat to business planning, workforce optimisation and other elements that have a direct and immediate impact on the bottom line. But in one of its few positive consequences, the COVID-19 pandemic has opened the eyes to organisations to the importance of having plans. And global pandemics are not the only emergency management threat.

Climate change has unleashed stronger and more devastating natural disasters. Terrorism, once relegated to distant third-world countries, now permeates the entire globe. Industrial accidents, such as chemical explosions and massive oil leaks, contribute to the problem. 

Most people know GP Strategies for our expertise in workforce transformation, but we also have decades of experience providing emergency management consulting, training, and support services to help companies prepare for the worst.

As the emergency disaster management experts, we are well-equipped to help prepare local, state, federal and partner organisations for any event, including health pandemics, natural disasters, and terrorism. Our end-to-end solutions include training, exercise-support, and staff augmentation solutions for organisations and public health institutions across the country. 

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Plan. Prepare. Recover.

One of the most important aspects of emergency management is how your organisation responds to a pandemic, natural disaster or other emergency event. GP Strategies has supported municipalities and organisations through a number of pandemic outbreaks, such as H1N1 and Covid-19.

We can help your organisation navigate FEMA’s public assistance programme to expedite disaster assistance funding. Our virtual recovery office can also help simplify the reimbursement processes to help get the funding you need in a timely manner.

Our comprehensive suite of emergency management services include:

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Preparedness Services

  • Exercises – People often do not know how to respond during an emergency. Preparedness exercises give them a chance to practice before a disaster occurs. We offer functional and full-scale exercises that include senior leadership workshops to ensure their teams know what to do when the time comes.
  • Planning – Having a plan in place before an event occurs can save lives. Whether you need an emergency operations plan, an evacuation plan, or even an insurance policy review, our experienced emergency preparedness consultants will guide you to the best solution for your organisation and community.
  • Training – Different emergencies require different planning. We provide customised and off-the-shelf training options to best suit your emergency disaster management needs. As part of our comprehensive training services, we analyse your emergency preparedness needs, design and develop detailed plans, and implement customised training programmes.
  • Complete Programme and Project Management – Government agencies and municipalities often must comply with stringent disaster preparedness regulations. From professional sports leagues to large municipalities, we design and implement customised preparedness programmes that include fully compliant disaster response strategies.
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Recovery Services

  • Long-Term Recovery Planning Laying the groundwork for a long-term recovery plan is critical to any community or organisation. This includes applying for FEMA grants to get funds for the recovery. To simplify this process, our emergency preparedness consultants can help with community engagement, funding strategy and plan development.
  • Debris Monitoring Hurricanes and other severe weather events can produce large amounts of debris that may be hazardous to the public. We can assist with removing the debris and completing the FEMA Public Assistance application to help municipalities apply for the funding needed to do so. GP Strategies has provided debris monitoring in Florida following Hurricanes Frances, Charley, and Jeanne.
  • Recovery Management Perhaps the most complex part of emergency management is the recovery process. We can help you manage the entire recovery process, including grant writing , 'project formulation', inter-governmental coordination, procurement administration, and debris management.
  • Staff Augmentation Whether you need access to skilled engineers or support from our Emergency Operations Centre, we are here to fill any resource gaps that could prevent your organisation from conducting a quick and efficient recovery. Our experience includes operating the Emergency Operations Centre for the New Orleans mayor’s office following Hurricane Katrina.

From public health to natural disasters and homeland security events, you can count on GP Strategies for experienced-based emergency management solutions

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The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) supports Indiana’s economic prosperity and quality of life by promoting, protecting, and providing for the health of Hoosiers in their communities.
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Training Emergency Responders

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