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Maximise Asset Performance With EtaPRO® APR

Reduce unplanned maintenance and operational costs

Unplanned and corrective maintenance of plant equipment drives up operational costs and reduces profitability. GP Strategies’ advanced pattern recognition technology – EtaPRO® APR – detects asset anomalies at their earliest stages and provides notifications before the irregularities become critical.

EtaPRO APR continuously compares current data to detailed empirical models of 'normal' data, resulting in a highly effective means of tracking equipment health parameters. This enables plants to identify and diagnose root causes of system abnormalities and quantify their impact on asset availability, efficiency, and operating costs. 

By extracting information from plant historical data and alerting personnel to equipment issues requiring action, this powerful preventive maintenance tool helps improve asset reliability and minimise downtime while reducing overall operations and maintenance costs.

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Maximise Your Plant’s Reliability and Availability With EtaPRO

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Know how your equipment is performing before it breaks

  1. Expect the unexpected

    To reduce operating costs, organisations are giving employees more responsibility, leaving less time for monitoring equipment condition and plant performance. With employee attention drawn elsewhere, subtle and slowly developing failures can go undetected, often resulting in unnecessary forced outages and lost revenue.

    EtaPRO APR’s early detection and predictive maintenance of an incipient failure allows for planned outages at economically advantageous times, reduces damage to equipment, and shortens repair times.

  2. Intelligent technology

    EtaPRO APR automatically filters out thousands of data points that do not apply to current equipment operation. This unique approach provides inherent advanced pattern recognition of different operating modes, such as startup, steady state, and load following, resulting in improved model accuracy across the entire operating range.

    EtaPRO APR also helps minimise false alarms while maintaining the earliest notification of process anomalies.

  3. Proven Experience

    GP Strategies has been developing and implementing APR-based equipment condition monitoring solutions for more than two decades. Our experienced engineers use their deep knowledge and understanding of plant performance to deliver reliable APR solutions with fewer false positives than competing alternatives.

    EtaPRO APR improves operational efficiency and lowers cost by:

    • Reducing forced outage rates through early warning of equipment problems
    • Allowing for planned outages and repairs before a catastrophic event occurs
    • Using management-by-exception techniques to increase effectiveness of plant and engineering staff
    • Focusing attention on actionable issues, eliminating the need to review data when assets are performing well
    • Increasing lead time for repair and minimising unplanned maintenance activities