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EtaPRO® Archive: The High-Performance Data Historian

A cost-effective and customisable, easy to use, data historian

EtaPRO® Archive (or EPArchive) is a high-performance data historian that when coupled with the EtaPRO Server allows you to efficiently and effectively collect, analyse and store data. It preserves process data and calculated results at original (or nearly original) resolution, and quickly delivers trends and statistics to EtaPRO client applications.

EtaPRO Archive incorporates advanced methods for storing and retrieving large amounts of time-series data efficiently and reliability. EtaPRO Archive also stores advanced diagnostic signatures in the frequency domain for rotating machinery, such as Autospectra, orbits, constant percentage, and order tracking analysis.

EtaPRO Archive can serve as the sole data historian for all of your needs

 As a plug-in-play and cost effective data historian, EtaPRO Archive can work alone or in combination with other historians such as OPC HDA or OSIsoft’s PI System.

EtaPRO Archive has numerous data interfaces available for acquiring real-time data from standard sources such as OPC UA/DA, OBDC/OLE DB, DNP 3.0, PI AF, Predictor, Wonderware, BACNet, CSV, Email, Text File, as well as Weather Forecast (Aeris, Accuweather, Weatherbit).

  1. Robust design

    EtaPRO Archive uses a robust and proven design to store years of historical data online. It enables rapid and cost-effective deployment of full-featured EtaPRO systems without the need to purchase expensive, stand-alone historians.

  2. Easy integration

    EtaPRO Archive can be used alone or in combination with OPC HDA or PI historians, allowing you leverage your existing historian while realising the benefits of having EtaPRO maintain your performance and condition data.

  3. Scalable to your needs

    EtaPRO Archive historian provides the flexibility plants and facilities need to store data that can be used by EtaPRO applications. EtaPRO Archive:

    • Is cost effective compared to other historians
    • Offers smooth integration into performance- and condition-monitoring technologies
    • Is highly customisable and scalable based on your plant’s architecture
    • Provides a secure platform
    • Can be used in conjunction with other data historians

    A High Performance Data Historian that Delivers Results