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LEO Learning and LOMA’s Immersive Game Wins Gold in Prestigious eLearning Awards

The following news was released prior to LEO Learning joining GP Strategies.

Impact Cx: The Quest, an innovative blended learning game created by LEO Learning and financial services education supplier LOMA, has won a top elearning design award.

The game won gold in Training Magazine’s eLearning Design Challenge 2017, decided by technology guru Bryan Chapman and a panel of experts following demonstrations at this year’s Online Learning Conference in New Orleans.

The judges singled out the design of customisable avatars, used by learners to embark upon each mission, as one of the game’s most eye-catching traits. The design of the avatars was one of the most popular elements of the game during user testing.

LOMA game screen

The panel also praised the scoring system for its “great feedback” and “elegant design”, and said the use of wildcards, which is a key part of the collaborative design and enables learners to boost their score when they explore deeper learning, as a welcome “surprise twist”.

A leaderboard in the game ranks learners from rookie to grandmaster, and the judges said this rating scale, rather than simply awarding points, was one of the reasons why CX: The Quest was the finest design example in the Motivation Through Gamification category.

LOMA’s project manager and AVP of Instructional Design, Gene Stone, said: “Working with LEO Learning on Impact Cx proved invaluable to creating an engaging gamified learning experience. Their continual guidance and expertise helped us produce the great ideas that culminated in this award.”

LEO Learning’s Managing Director, Dale Solomon, said: “The beauty of Impact CX: The Quest is that it is a superbly designed blend of games, gamification, microlearning and multimedia. Winning gold is a richly-deserved reward for our team and LOMA, who worked together closely to create a market-leading training programme that stands out.”

The full list of winners can be found here.

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