Innovation Kitchen

Where innovation lives. Examples of our work.

Turn your creativity into measurable results

We advocate daily innovation. When used with intent and purpose, it can break through the clutter, optimize learning, improve performance, and create unprecedented positive change. As an industry leader for more than 50 years, GP Strategies has been on the cutting edge of innovative workforce transformation and performance improvement solutions. Our Innovation Kitchen has emerged and evolved out of that work.

Innovation starts with exploring what’s possible rather than settling for what is. In our Innovation Kitchen we conceive new ideas, ready the ingredients and tools, test out new methods and processes, and assess the outcomes. Some innovations work, some don’t. But that’s the nature of innovation, and that’s how we discover the masterpiece your clients will love. 

Augmented Reality


HTML5 Simple Framework

Virtual Reality

Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT)

Video and Interactive Media

Triggered 3D Animation

See how we used Augmented Reality to display an interactive 3D animation that a user can manipulate from any angle.

Microlearning Learner Journey

Learning Experience Enhancers

Digital Simulation

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