Blended Learning Strategy and Design

Answering the challenges of today’s learners.

Design the Right Strategy, Deliver the Ideal Mix

When your learners experience the right mix of tools and content at the right time, they learn faster and more effectively - and the skills and knowledge they gain become transformative.

From creating individual learning elements like eLearning courses, engaging instructional videos, explainer animations, and interactive quizzes to creating dynamic blended learning experiences where we combine modern methodologies and modalities, our specialists in belended learning design create learner-centric journeys that achieve your desired learning outcomes.

With the unmatched skills and expertise of our innovative blended learning designers, we can develop bespoke learning assets that:

  • Captivate and engage learners at their point of need
  • Deliver exceptional learning outcomes
  • Drive business success

Learners at the Heart of the Experience

During our blended learning strategy design process, your people are always at the heart of our work. As long-time innovators and advocates of blended learning, with exceptional experience serving the world’s biggest brands - including over 25% of the Fortune 500 - we have developed proven solutions, methods, and approaches. Our blended learning design model counts 10 foundations for optimized blended learning ecosystems:

Learner Journeys that Work

Learning is always a journey that evolves over time; it is never an isolated event. We deploy proven learning tools and strategies to keep your learners engaged and their learning sustained. These include spaced practice and nudging, gamified learning, and exploring how ongoing manager coaching and support can positively impact the blend of learning. We emphasise key themes that drive an engaged and energised audience over time, including:

Mission and Vision

Your learners will always understand why they are completing each learning module, how it fits into their learning journey, and what is coming next - this will allow their learning to become deeply embedded.

Context and Signposting

Your learners will always understand why they are completing each learning module, how it fits into their learning journey, and what is coming next - this will allow their learning to become deeply embedded.


Your learners’ different learning behaviours - such as learning, playing, practising, reflecting, sharing, and socialising - should be carefully balanced to vary the pace of the learning journey. Variety increases attention, engagement, and allows your learners to learn faster and more effectively.

Align. Deliver. Sustain.

How blended learning is deployed and delivered is as important as its foundations and resources. Based on over 30 years of designing learning programmes, we have perfected a core strategy to drive behavioural change through blended learning journeys: Align, Deliver, Sustain. We create alignment between your goals and our methods. We design and deliver innovative learning solutions with the necessary scope and depth. And we sustain continuous goal alignment, designed creatively, to optimise delivery over the long-term.

This effective approach to blended learning strategy and delivery targets and aligns learner emotion and motivation, delivering core information and effective learning that maintains new learned behaviors in the workplace.

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