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In today’s hyper-velocity markets, accelerating digital innovation and more demanding customer expectations are driving profound changes across the automotive world. Customers, competition and distribution are changing. Forever. And, so is your workforce. 

As one of the largest workforce transformation solution providers  in the world, with over 50 years of broad and deep experience in the automotive industry, GP Strategies have the proven expertise to drive innovation and deliver results for Original Equiment Manufacturers (OEMs), distributors and retailers.

We live in a disrupted world. In this world, customer is king/queen. Employees are the key to Customer Experience, but they need to be supported by leaders who nurture innovation and change and equipped with the learning tools and resources that reflect their habits and flow of work. Being relevant requires transformation — let GP Strategies help you shed the outdated and adopt new ways of thinking, being and serving.

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Enabling Omnichannel Retail Experiences

As more auto buyers opt for online shopping experiences, dealers are investing in digital selling tools to meet shifting expectations. A major Original Equipment Manufacturer needed to elevate their dealers’ omnichannel experience to attract and convert online shoppers.
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