Sales Training

Elevate your sales team’s potential with customised training.

Custom Solutions for Your Unique Sales Environment 

Are your sales teams facing unique challenges in today’s dynamic market? If so, traditional off-the-shelf sales training might not meet your organisation’s specific needs.  

At GP Strategies, we understand that the world of sales extends beyond just the sales team. That is why our sales training programmes are customised to empower every customer-facing role, not just sales professionals. Our sales development programmes can elevate your organisation’s performance, increase revenue and build lasting customer loyalty. 

Our professional sales training consultants elevate individual and team performance by delivering the knowledge and instilling the confidence people need to: 

  • Increase revenue and improve margins 
  • Generate insight and create value 
  • Create shorter sales cycles and build customer loyalty  

Organisational Sales Training: No More Silos

Customised training solutions are your key to breaking down communication silos and maintaining relevance in an ever-evolving sales landscape. Our sales development solutions:

  • Are personalised for all customer-facing roles: Our programmes cater to everyone, from sales representatives to customer service. We create sales development training that is accessible for each and every customer-facing role.
  • Foster seamless collaboration: Imagine seamlessly training two different individuals for the same sales call. We make it possible.
  • Provide role-specific expertise: Your team members will receive sales training tailored to their specific roles in client-facing interactions.
  • Employ a persona-driven approach: We build training programmes around your people and their unique requirements.
  • Accelerate onboarding: Get new hires up to speed faster by seamlessly integrating our custom sales training programmes into your onboarding process.

Our Custom Sales Training Process 

Our seasoned sales training consultants will work closely with you to understand your products, customers and sales processes. Then, we craft training programmes that cover a wide range of essential skills to boost your team’s performance and customer engagement: 

  • Customer-centric and advanced selling skills: Gain insights into customer motivations, enabling you to navigate sales discussions effectively and competently. 
  • Elevated customer service techniques: Learn the art of engaging customers and crafting exceptional sales conversations that leave a lasting impression. 
  • Continuous sales skill enhancement: Ensure ongoing progress with personalised coaching for both sales professionals and their managers. 
  • Top-of-the-line virtual sales practices: Cultivate virtual sales representatives who achieve their goals and nurture valuable customer relationships. 

Sales Training for More Than Just Salespeople 

Our custom sales training programmes aren’t limited to salespeople. Our solutions are useful for all customer-facing roles, such as: 

Customer Service
Product Engineers
Product Marketing and Development

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