Learning Organization Health Assessment

Assess and realign your learning organization.

High Performance Requires Deep Alignment

Driving business growth and innovation while balancing new technologies, digitization, change, and macro disruption requires organizations to continuously revisit and refine their strategies, structure, and capabilities to stay competitive. Learning organizations are at the center of these changes and need to be deeply aligned with the overall business to support enterprise shifts in strategy.

Our Learning Organization Health Assessment identifies strengths and opportunities within your learning organization and provides a tailored health improvement plan to help you align optimally with your business strategy and drive success.​​

Health Assessments to Maximize Learning Performance 

The assessment is an eight-week examination into your learning performance system that tests your L&D function’s fitness in multiple categories and uncovers insights to help you recalibrate to your organization’s overall goals.  

Our assessments focus on these five areas: 

  • Strategy and Culture: Is your learning strategy aligned with the enterprise and is the learning culture clearly defined?
  • Operating Model and Structure: Do you operate within an effective, efficient model that drives business impact? 
  • Learning Execution: Are you offering the right products and services to support your enterprise’s strategic goals and employee value proposition? 
  • Technology Stack: Are you leveraging the right tools to offer scale, efficiency, and a modern learner experience? 
  • Measure, Reflect, Evolve: Do you measure success along with organizational expectations and industry benchmarks? How well do you respond to changing conditions?

Gain Actionable Insights from Experts 

Deploying our Learning Organization Health Assessment means collaborating with a team of expert strategic learning consultants that has years of experience providing implementable strategies across the globe. It means embracing an action-oriented approach to bring you straight from assessment to answers.  

With comprehensive results in just eight weeks, you will: 

  • Enable employees to deliver an enterprise-aligned experience. 
  • Support strategic direction, your employee value proposition, and continuous innovation in the learning function. 
  • Discover how to measure success against organizational expectations and industry best practices.  
  • Obtain a practical, actionable plan for immediate priorities and a roadmap to maturity that both support your organization’s strategic vision. 

Let is elevate your business together.

Kick off your eight-week assessment with a conversation with one of our experts.


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