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A business not changing faster than its environment is a business going backwards. GP Strategies helps realign your leadership, strategy, and organisational culture to achieve new levels of success in constantly evolving markets. Our leadership and culture change process help organisations become market leaders by driving change rather than merely responding to it.

Leadership strategies for culture change

In our volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world, businesses often face fundamental disruption to their markets. Achieving success in this environment requires a culture built around continuous performance improvement.

Successful change is driven by having the right culture and mindset. We enable your leadership team to identify how the business needs to change and how their attitudes and behaviours help or hinder that process. From machine learning to AI and digitisation, everything we do is designed to support you in creating an adaptable organisational culture that can stay ahead of ongoing change so your business remains relevant for your clients and your market.

Our Solutions

  1. Change and Transformation Consultancy

    As a business grows, its culture needs to adapt and evolve too. Identify the scope of change needed, recognise the cultural and leadership shifts that are required, and transform into a forward-thinking, purpose-led organisation.


  2. Developing Change Capability

    Increase the capacity, confidence, and capability of change leaders throughout key functions of your business. Leverage and develop internal capacity, and adapt HR capabilities and strategy to align with business requirements. Support and challenge leaders to view things differently so that they can engage, guide, overcome conflict, and make change stick.

  3. Engagement Through Change

    We help individuals and leaders maintain engagement through times of change. The focus is not to help people purely survive through change, but to thrive. Our model of engagement measures and influences the culture and engagement levels throughout an organisation so that individuals are accountable for their own engagement. Explore how you can engage through change.

  4. Making Change a Keystone of Your Organisational Culture

    Effective culture change becomes part of who you are, not just something you do. As a dedicated partner in your success, we guide you through the process of creating a culture where people embrace change rather than fear it. Working closely with individuals, managers, and executives, we assist you in developing a sustainable competitive advantage by strengthening change leadership capacity throughout the organisation.

Case Studies

Explore our real-world client success stories

Growing Microsoft's Culture of Change

Faced with an increasingly competitive market and an ever changing structure within their industry, our client has seen new, powerful competitors emerging over recent years.
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