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Organisational design consultant services: Process and structure

Structure your business to win

In today’s rapidly changing markets, organisations need a well-designed organisational structure to innovate, create new strategies, and grow.

We partner with you to build adaptable, cohesive teams so you can outpace competitors, capture and integrate new trends, and empower your capabilities to support the needs of your customers. Our organisational development experts enable you to have the right talent, work processes, governance, and rewards to deliver your strategy and optimise value to your customers.

Agile solutions. Proven process.

When your strategy needs to change, your organisation design must change with it. Our proven process for organisational development and change helps your business respond quickly and appropriately to unexpected market disruptions. 

Our bold, systematic changes are your pathways to success.

Tap into our experience.

We start with the end in mind

We will help you reshape your business with strategies and solutions built around dynamic and constantly evolving markets. Put focused, integrated, and balanced change to work for you.

  1. Strategy

    Execute smart strategies for today and tomorrow.

    Strategy drives your decisions and your organisational design. Our expert team has the experience and know-how to align strategy to your structure, work processes, people practices, and performance metrics to achieve business results.

  2. Capabilities

    Harness your core competencies to become a market leader, not a follower.

    Our organisational development process includes an in-depth analysis of your organisation and competitive landscape to identify what is needed to stay one step ahead of the competition.

  3. Structure

    Organise work to bring out the best in your organisation.

    Our organisational development and change specialists partner with you to align the work with your strategy, provide a superior customer experience, and help your business win in a competitive marketplace.

  4. Process

    Optimise workflow and structure decision-making to deliver measurable results.

    We will help you optimise work processes by redesigning key role outcomes to enable new ways of working.

  5. People

    Align talent to create a culture of star performance.

    We identify the skills your leadership team and frontline employees will need to successfully deliver on your objectives. Then we turn good leaders into great ones through competency development, job design, and assessment.

  6. Metrics

    Get everyone on the same page to achieve organisational goals. Use data to power your success.

    Setting appropriate targets requires understanding what drives your business. We show you how to identify goal-aligned metrics, enabling insights and actions to drive faster return on investment.

    Create the right structure to liberate, not limit.

Insight and Innovation

Discover thought leadership from our clients and team of experts

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The world in which we work is changing quickly and leaders find themselves evaluating their organization’s structure more frequently as a result. Organization design is a process of aligning and optimizing organizational capabilities, structure, processes, people, and metrics to drive achievement of the organization’s strategy. 

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