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Technical Training

The ideal training solution for your needs

The future of technical learning is changing more rapidly than anyone imagined. With new tools and technologies available for absorbing technical learning, tomorrow’s learners have a significant advantage over those of the past. From chatbots to touchscreens to photorealistic and dimensionally immersive virtual reality simulations, future learners will enjoy advanced learning in all areas.

Few industries have more specialised technical training needs than those engaged in manufacturing and production. Use of specialised machinery, fabrication of advanced materials and devices, and highly complex production processes require extensive training.

Complying with governmental, industry, and environmental regulations require stringent quality control and documentation procedures. Technical employees require constant updates on their process and safety training to keep pace with new and ever more complex technologies. Meanwhile, managers struggle to source and implement the right technologies to effectively manage global training.

Perhaps the biggest training challenge for most manufacturing and production companies is fulfilling these training requirements within a manageable budget.

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A systematic approach to developing a highly skilled workforce

GP Strategies delivers a proven approach to achieve world-class technical training competencies seen in leading organisations. Based on decades of on-site hands-on experience, we provide the entire spectrum of technical training – from precision maintenance, craft skills, and operator care to operations, reliability, and safety.

To begin, we conduct an in-depth gap analysis to determine the current state of your technical training versus where you need it be. From there we recommend the best design, courseware, and delivery to meet your company’s unique needs.

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Leading-edge training tools

To deliver maximum learning benefits, we craft customised technical training solutions that guide your workforce through four essential competency levels: Foundational, Fundamentals, Applied Fundamentals, and Site Specific.

Our flexible blended learning combines elements of eLearning, classroom and hands-on training with gamification, coaching and apprenticeship workshops, and more to offer long-term learning impact.

We also provide off-the-shelf solutions to support organisations that have a structured training programme already in place. Whether customised or off-the-shelf, we dig deep into our organisational learning expertise to find the best training solution for your technical workforce.

We deliver on our promises with our sophisticated suite of leading-edge technical training tools and programmes.

Our Solutions

Hard Hat, Heavy Industry

ITEMS provides access to critical information on all devices while delivering content in an engaging manner. Incorporate videos, animations, augmented reality (AR) and other features to simplify complex instructions or procedures.

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Leveraging our deep experience in organisational learning, we turn targeted eLearning elements into journey-based learning experiences delivered by curation- and programme-based experience platforms.

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Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) adds flexibility to classroom-style training for global, mobile and remote workforces. Bring instructors, subject matter experts, demonstrations, team collaboration, and more to your screen at lower costs.

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Manufacturing and production companies often have real-world learning scenarios that pose unacceptable risks. Our Virtual Reality (VR) solutions offer safe yet realistic learning scenarios to augment real-life technical training.

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A full spectrum of technical training expertise

We train your technical people in all aspects of the use, application and maintenance of your machinery and equipment to ensure your operations run smoothly. This includes:

  • Technical and operations training—Helping your operators run equipment safely and efficiently
  • Maintenance training—Teaching personnel how to perform preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Documentation development—Developing course manuals, procedures, visual factory materials, and other technical writing
  • Process engineering—Providing Operational Excellence training and consulting services
  • Staff Augmentation Support—Delivering staff augmentation and business process services
  • Custom training development—Providing industry-specific professional development training and blended learning
  • Enterprise Resource Project implementations—Implementing SAP, Documentum, integration consulting, and blended learning technologies
  • Training Business Process Outsourcing—Delivering back-office administration, tuition assistance, vendor management, and global training logistics coverage.
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