Learning Analytics

Measure and prove the business impact of learning.

Meaningful Insights from Your Learning Ecosystem

Getting the greatest value out of your learning and development efforts means understanding where it is working and where it is not. Today, powerful learning analytics platform solutions are transforming simple data about learning activities into compelling insights about their effectiveness and value, about workforce engagement and competencies and about value and impact. When you don’t really know what is working and why, you cannot pivot, adapt, or correct.

Learning happens everywhere and every day across organisations - it is a huge investment of time and money. You need to optimise those costs. With connected learning analytics software, you can collect and standardise data across your Learning and Development (L&D) ecosystem to automate reporting, increase retention and aid in the continuous improvement of learning and development.

Experience, Learner and Programme Analytics

There are three powerful dimensions of analysis and insight to improve learning and development. First, Learning Experience Analytics help you understand more about a specific learning activity. Learner Analytics, on the other hand, seeks to understand more about a specific person or group of people engaged in activities where learning is one of the outputs. Finally, Learning Programme Analytics seeks to understand how an overall learning programme is performing.

Expert learning analytics software solutions focus on four degrees or levels of analytics to improve learning outcomes.


Data gathering, tracking and recording activities and values.

Data Evaluation

Assessing and evaluating captured data to identify trends and establish benchmarks.

Advanced Evaluation

Applying more powerful tools and techniques to identify causes and effects.

Prediction and Prescription

Identify future-focussed insights and recommendations for enhancement actions.

Our multi-industry learning analytics experts can help you determine what insights you need to gather and explore, identify technical solutions to enable you and assist your implementation and integration of those solutions with your current learning ecosystem.

Take the Lead and Gain a Competitive Edge

In this era of big data and competitive intelligence, transformative learning analytics is a new opportunity for most organisations. Those who know more outcompete and outperform and we are uniquely positioned to provide you with the industry’s leading learning analytics platform solution as a member of our corporate family: Watershed.

Watershed is a leading innovator in learning analytics and a foundational contributor to the xAPI protocol that enables linking disparate systems into an integrated data and analytics dashboard capability.

The Watershed platform includes:

Data Aggregation. Track learning wherever it happens. Eliminate the constraints of getting data out of your existing or legacy systems. Includes data conversion, cleansing, augmentation and integration with third-party solutions.

Learning Record Store. Access the full range of functionality defined by the xAPI protocols. All learning records in Watershed are stored as xAPI statements - even if the data was delivered via a non-xAPI source.

Centralised Reporting. Track and explore learning outside your learning management system (LMS) with these key reports designed to answer common questions about learners and their activities, including a wide variety of report types, dashboards, filters and a report builder.

Publishing and Sharing. Share learning insights and results across your organisation. Send reports to colleagues or embed them in your intranet, portals, or other systems. Download your data into other business intelligence tools across the organisation.

System Administration. Includes bundled developer and debugging tools to see what is happening behind the scenes. With custom permissions and restrictions, maintain full control of data access.

Watershed also delivers a full suite of workshops, consulting and advisory services, implementation and training to improve your learning organisation and maximise your results.


These educational workshops teach fundamental concepts that are part of building and maintaining a robust learning analytics practice within your team and throughout your organisation.


Our experts help you take concrete steps to build out a learning analytics practice: alignment with business goals, identification and analysis of affected systems and analytics planning.


Hit the ground running with fully administered enterprise software implementation. We work with you and your team to ensure the end product is a ready-to-use learning analytics platform.

Training and Support

We help you master xAPI and Watershed to discover new insights and exceed stakeholder expectations. Watershed provides top-class product support and xAPI expertise.

Measure and Prove the Business Impact of Learning

Learning Content Distribution and Centralization

Analytics are essential for helping you create better content and correlate content to broader business trends. Consolidate all your learning content data, no matter the standard, so you can easily create reports and gain insights to make strategic decisions. Real-time, shareable reports and question-level analytics let you see who uses your courses and how across multiple systems.

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