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Workforce learning today only succeeds if it is coherent, integrated, responsive, and most importantly, relevant. Today’s workforce, as well as the organizations they work for, have escalating content, delivery, technology, and compliance expectations for learner journeys and skill development that can only be fully achieved with robust, automated learning platforms like a learning management system (LMS) or learning experience platform (LXP).

The best online learning platforms deliver three essential advantages. First, they contain vast content resources that can be hyper-customized to fulfill your learner experience needs, no matter how diverse their roles and experiences. Second, because operating demands are often changing, top LMS solutions are flexible and adaptable to align to the different skill development needs of your various lines of business, both now and in the future. Finally, leading learning management system software is supported and curated by responsive expert service teams, and delivered via secure, scalable, and reliable cloud-based networks.

Our learning management system expert teams have implemented and worked with every top tier LMS in the industry and have unsurpassed global and local expertise in specification design, system selection, deployment, and system training and use. We can help you define, discover, and deploy the very best solution for your unique learning platform needs.

Best in Class Solutions

We work with the best LMS platforms in the world. Today, because of their truly extraordinary capabilities and achievements, some of them have become part of our family.

Working with 1,400 customers and 4 million users worldwide, OpenLMS is the largest commercial Moodle provider in the world. Open LMS helps organizations and institutions deliver great learning experiences without complexities. At Open LMS, reliability is paramount and is supported by the high-capacity, high-availability, and optimal-security cloud infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS), a key differentiator from other solutions in the market.

Open LMS relies on a dedicated, certified staff that specialize in managing, operating, maintaining, and supporting the platform, with global support available in multiple languages. Open LMS works with numerous products and partners to deliver robust and seamless learning experiences to K-12, higher education, and corporate institutions that prefer an open-source platform.

Bridge has an award-winning learning platform that helps organizations design and deliver purpose-driven training and courses to engage, inspire, and develop their teams. Known for its market-leading, people-first approach to learning and development, Bridge can help teams create, catalog, and deliver internal and external training at scale. The platform offers custom learning pathways, course authoring, video, analytics, live training, and a mobile app. Bridge also provides customer access to performance and talent management technology that, when enabled, is deeply integrated into the learning platform.

Rustici Software is the global leader in eLearning standards, providing software and expertise to help companies create, distribute, manage, and play eLearning-compliant content. As part of its leadership innovation, Rustici actively supports the development of the technical standards that govern learning technologies, including Experience API (xAPI), cmi5, and SCORM in partnership with Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL), LTI with 1EdTech, and other leading trade organizations. Rustici contributed to the evolution of SCORM, helped research and draft the first version of xAPI, and architected cmi5 conformance tools to freely test and validate content for accelerated adoption.

Since 2002, Rustici has assisted thousands of Learning Management Systems (LMSs), authoring tools, Learning Record Stores (LRSs), and training content providers conform to industry specifications. Along with vendor clients, a wide variety of organizations around the world use Rustici Software’s solutions today to solve various needs, including military and federal government agencies, educational institutions, and enterprise clients across a variety of industries. As a result, the majority of transactions across the eLearning ecosystem depend on software created by Rustici Software.

As a market leader in integrated talent management and learning solutions, PeopleFluent helps companies hire, develop, and advance a skilled and motivated workforce. Deployed separately or as a suite, their software spans recruitment, talent mobility, performance, compensation, succession, org charting, and learning—designed to meet the requirements of all organizations with the configurability needed to make them successful.

PeopleFluent Learning focuses on customers in high-consequence industries where training programs are not one size fits all. PeopeFluent’s configurable learning management system provides the depth and breadth of functionality to support these complex needs. With PeopleFluent Learning, you have the tools to support both learning and administrative auditing as well as robust certification and competency management.

PeopleFluent delivers unmatched functionality and flexibility—recognized by leading analysts—to develop people, drive performance, and deliver results. Their talent solutions unify talent processes within a collaborative experience that enables HR and L&D teams to guide managers and employees with contextual learning right in the flow of work.

Deploy the right LMS for your business.

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