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Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions

In the capital-intensive and technically complex world of automotive manufacturing, global brands must constantly balance quality, risk and cost with efficiency and safety.

Drawing from more than 50 years’ experience guiding manufacturers to safer and better performance, we help you integrate people, process, and technology to improve business results.

Our engineering and technical services team helps you:

  •   Maximise return on investment
  •   Achieve on-time and on-budget startups for new and upgraded facilities
  •   Ensure regulatory compliance
  •   Improve training at a reduced cost of ownership
  •   Anticipate equipment complications in advance
  •   Improve overall equipment effectiveness
  •   Achieve quality and operational excellence

Our Solutions

Create new competitive advantages

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Automotive manufacturers are looking for ways to drive down costs, improve availability, maximise performance and assure operability. But the often-overlooked key to equipment longevity is the team behind it, operating together like a well-oiled machine.

To ensure the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s asset management framework is properly designed, an asset performance management (APM) road map must be established to set forth asset management objectives and deliver results. The GP Strategies Asset performance management (APM) practice entails data capture, visualisation, and analytics tied together for the purpose of improving the reliability, availability, and operability of physical assets. Asset performance management (APM) helps maximise equipment Return on Asset and Return on Investment, and reduces risk factors through strategies like condition monitoring, predictive forecasting, and reliability-centred maintenance.

Let us help you plan for longevity
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As margins shrink and outside forces apply pressure to daily workforce readiness, agility is increasingly crucial to meeting production targets.

The philosophy of Lean manufacturing can be integrated in all operations through our structured, short-form training modules followed by hands-on practice. Well-designed learning and deployment plans, along with expert coaching, lead to a smooth and successful rollout. We also provide a full range of certification courses, available globally, including Lean Six Sigma and 8D problem solving.

Our application of Lean process helps clients ensure continuous improvement through regular and systematic reviews of workflow value to strengthen the pull-based ecosystem and pursue perfection.

Reduce waste and improve cost avoidance
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The parts need to arrive at the right time. The inventory needs to be at the right level. And the suppliers need to follow through on their commitments. Because the assembly line needs to move steadily along.

The GP Strategies materials and logistics engineering team is up to the challenge.

We work side-by-side with the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s internal personnel to enable smooth, accurate, hassle-free production — whether we are invited in to ideate and implement the process from the ground up, or to troubleshoot issues in an already-active build cycle. Our team can design the flow of materials and components, facilitate supplier relationships, and manage availability and capacity with an eye toward detailed planning and mitigating risk.

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The production environment is becoming more technologically complex, and human performance has never been more critical to the success of manufacturing operations.

GP Strategies provides performance solutions and launch-related training for manufacturing including stamping, powertrain, and assembly operations. Our personnel also work closely with product and process engineers during new product design, pilot, and production launch.

Following training delivery, our vehicle and equipment systems specialists provide floor coaching during launch activities, which reinforces learnt skills and knowledge during the phases of production. Our experts also provide a problem-solving approach to ensure that the root causes of manufacturing and product issues are identified, resolved and shared with product engineers at other facilities as lessons learnt.

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From project design to establishing specifications, testing and inspection methodology to production part approval process (PPAP), GP Strategies delivers quality engineering solutions and personnel to keep production to spec, on budget, and on schedule.

Our engineers work closely with clients to resolve issues by conducting root-cause analysis and issuing corrective action plans; but even when manufacturing and assembly are in motion there is always room for attention to continuous improvement. Along the way, automakers can rely on our team members to proactively communicate in all directions, including the identification and escalation of issues that may lead to a loss of quality or Return On Investment

Whether the remit is internal or across supplier-component relationships, GP Strategies engineering staff also generate and preserve meticulous documentation, meet or exceed applicable industry standards, and help clients achieve and maintain all necessary certifications.

We can help you drive quality
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We believe it is all about people, so nothing is more critical to manufacturing success than finding the right team members.

Specialising in automotive manufacturing, our expert recruiters are uniquely qualified to address challenges in all areas of vehicle production, including the body, paint, and general assembly organisations. We are also trusted by our clients to source highly skilled industrial engineering, vehicle quality audit, vehicle repair, skilled trades and Lean manufacturing personnel.

Original Equipment Manufacturers recognise recruiting flexibility, consistent performance, and focus on efficiency as key drivers of business performance — and that is where we excel.

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