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Changes in where, when and how work gets done in high-tech – the 'speed of business' – are widespread and paradigm-shattering. Uncertainty about the future of employee roles and skills needed. Innovation, quality and operational excellence expectations increase. Information security and regulatory compliance demands escalate. Markets, customers, competitors, supply chains and the workforce are rapidly transforming.

To master that transformation, strategies need to be executed, and your workforce needs to be fully-enabled. At the heart of it all is your people, your workforce. Strategy is executed by people, and successful execution demands talent, process, and tools.

Strategies and solutions for learning and development are the cornerstone for workforce transformation and competitive success.

GP Strategies has those strategies and solutions. Across and throughout the high-tech industry, for over 50 years, we have been a pioneer and leader in global learning and development. Our clients know and trust us as engaging and expert partners in developing learning solutions for hardware and systems, software and applications, services and platforms, communications and networks, data and transaction services, and the entire range of the industry. 

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Virtual Reality Maintenance App

Facebook Data Centres manage and operate numerous electrical systems and switchboards as part of their facility operations. Maintenance, troubleshooting, and procedural training is often conducted onsite; however, there is a safety risk and operational impact with shutting down equipment unnecessarily.
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