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Great leaders are made, not born

In times of great change, effective leadership is more important than ever. Yet, many of today’s leaders are not equipped with the skills to manage multigenerational workforces, build adaptable cultures, create disruptive innovation, or guide the organisation through transformational change

We support organisations that need help with these skills, providing a wide and deep understanding of today’s global business landscape and the people, processes, and technologies to help them develop great leaders and a capable workforce at all levels of the enterprise.

Partners in navigating uncharted waters

Off-the-shelf solutions are not a cure-all when addressing leadership development challenges that have never occurred before; and a true partner would never drop a solution in your lap and then walk away. We are with you for every step of the process, from getting to know your organisation to designing and implementing leadership development strategies that position your business for sustained success.

How we consult

Leadership development that starts with you

Effective learning puts the learner in the centre of the learning experience

We begin by getting to know your business, including your leadership challenges and potential leadership development solutions. Then we engage in our customised five-step process to develop a learning journey designed to produce the desired learning and behavioural outcomes.

  1.  Explore

    Dive deeper into the business issues, your current learning environment, and all variables.

  2.  Decide together

    Based on the initial analysis, agree on the expected learning outcomes and business metrics.

  3. Collaborate

    Work together to identify the proper format, design materials, and review the branding.

  4.  Implement

    Facilitate and fine-tune the first programme before rolling out the global implementation and monitoring process.

  5. Review

    Analyse participant feedback and impact on business metrics, then discuss next steps.

Some clients choose to roll up their sleeves and go deep into the instructional design with us. Others rely on our learning development expertise and review progress at a high level. Either way, our world-class consultants have the flexibility to meet your needs by tailoring the way we collaborate. 

Whether we launch a pilot programme and adjust as necessary before full implementation or decide to run things in parallel, we will look at participant feedback, analyse success metrics, review business outcomes, and evaluate the success of the approach.

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Leadership consulting driven by learning innovation

To design the leadership development strategies your business needs, we draw from our vast inventory of learning and change management tools and programmes, such as:

  • Working with your leadership to shape vision, strategy, and operational cadence
  • Using digital learning strategies to speed up learning and reinforce behaviour change
  • Adopting enterprise technology to improve organisational adaptability
  • Deploying human capital management technology solutions
  • Building leadership development programmes for experienced and emerging leaders

We deliver these via in-person and remote consultations, leading-edge modalities, individual coaching, group workshops, and platform-agnostic or app-based training courses.

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