Sales Strategy and Performance Consulting

Maximise sales performance

Most business success starts with sales success. Achieving that success depends on ambitious sales strategies, product development and launch, effective outreach and communications, a proficient salesforce, and agile and responsive after-sales distribution and service.

We have assisted thousands of businesses in the design and execution of comprehensive multi-market, multi-channel, multi-year sales strategies that have resulted in some of the most successful improvements in their histories. Our expertise, experience, strategies and execution solutions will help you achieve that pinnacle and surpass your goals.

Execute the solutions to out-perform expectations

  1. Product Launch and Knowledge

    Sales goal achievement begins with product proficiency and effective market introduction and roll-out.

    Today’s customers know more and expect more. Prepare your enterprise and workforce to meet the need.
    Learn from our experts.

  2. Sales and Customer Experience

    Today, with relationships rising in priority, customers covet innovative experience personalisation strategies.

    Customers, distribution and sales are changing across the board, and fast. We enable your workforce to succeed.
    Enhance the experience.

  3. Sales Training

    Sales performance depends on sales proficiency, not just what is done, but how it is done. We have proven performance improvement solutions.

    Your future success depends on navigating the new normal in sales solutions and sales management.
    Supercharge your sales force.

  4. Comprehensive Selling Skills

    This programme is built on the premise that buying decisions always involve two sides – your customer’s purchase process and your sales process – and trains sales professionals to apply the appropriate selling skills and techniques to advance customers through their purchase process.

  5. Value-Driven Selling

    A powerful training programme that provides sales professionals with skills, tools, and strategies to successfully sell value to buyers.

  6. Value-Driven Negotiating

    Equip your sales professionals to find and prove the value of their solution and resolve difficult negotiating challenges collaboratively. Today’s customers are more sophisticated and knowledgeable than ever; to reach successful outcomes with buyers, sales professionals must now be master negotiators.

Case Studies

Explore our real-world client success stories.

Business Impact
pipeline and average deal size
length of sales cycle

Global Credit Chest of drawers Transformational Approach to Sales Training

The burea was roughly two years away from going public, and senior stakeholders hired a globally renowned management consulting firm to conduct a salesforce optimisation analysis.
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Business Impact
0 +
Over 2000 incremental sales attributed to this programme
0 +
Attendance of over 7500 sales consultants

Reinventing Sales and Competitive Training at a Major Automotive Brand

A major automotive brand released a new product into a highly competitive full-size light duty pickup truck market in the United States and this product launch was critical. This automotive brand sought a new approach to its sales training model, with the goal of creating a lower-cost yet further reaching and more effective solution.
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Business Impact

Understanding Customer-Centred Sales Culture at a Large Bank Holding Company

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Business Impact

Developing the Sales Force at CooperVision

For an internal conference, the sales managers planned to present workshops on three different topics: The Business of Optometry, 1 Day Strategy Execution, and Business Selling Conversations. To prepare their sales managers to facilitate these workshops, CooperVision enlisted the help of GP Strategies.
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Comparison of the ride quality between the 3 lorries. Now I can honestly tell customers we are better!

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