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Change is inevitable, especially when it comes to the implementation of new technologies such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, Infor, Oracle, CRM systems, and other cloud-based applications that enable enterprise digital transformation. But even the best technologies can’t deliver results unless your workforce integrates them into their everyday work routines efficiently and effectively.

The adoption of enterprise technology solutions requires change and acceptance on the part of every individual who uses it. When major change occurs, it is often accompanied by steep learning curves, employees reluctant to embrace the change, and a lack of effective adoption and training strategies. We understand these challenges and have the proven approaches and frameworks to maximise adoption rates and leverage new technology to deliver critical business outcomes.

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75% of all learning
takes place on the job

Let your people get the most up-to-date contextual performance support available continuously, and at the point of need so that they can avoid a long-term knowledge gap.


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Our Solutions

  1. Organisational Change Management

    Drawing upon deep personal experience in transformational change and learning approaches, our change management consultants deliver custom solutions to businesses around the globe. Working collaboratively with your people, we prepare your workforce for new ways of working, while enrolling all levels of leadership in the transformation. Our innovative solutions implant the workforce capabilities needed to perform in today’s digital world throughout your organisation.

  2. End User Training

    The most important factor in any initiative’s success is effective training. Our proven training solutions provide each employee with the right skills and knowledge to produce the business results they are responsible for. We help ensure your employees can get the job done starting on day one. Our expertise includes systems such as:

    • SAP S/4HANA and SuccessFactors
    • Oracle
    • Infor
    • Salesforce
    • Guidewire
    • Workday
  3. Project Team Effectiveness

    Train the key project team members leading your implementation. Gain the skills and knowledge to work effectively and drive your project to completion.

  4. Enrolment

    Secure sponsorship for and commitment to change by enrolling your workforce organisation in the change story.

  5. Communications

    Inform and educate the workforce, provide transparency, and effectively distribute your message to the correct audiences.

  6. Business Readiness

    Ensure the readiness of each part of the organisation from a technology, process, organisational, and human resource perspective.

  7. Leadership Alignment

    Build organisational ownership to translate project vision into organisation objectives and metrics, change advocacy, and business readiness.

  8. Key Stakeholder Engagement

    Help those who have a stake in the success of your implementation gain the skills and knowledge to work effectively and drive your project to completion.

  9. Blended Learning

    Personalised and targeted approaches to learning yield better results than one-size-fits-all training. Take workforce performance to the next level with our blended learning solutions that combine digital learning methods with instructor-led training and just-in-time performance support.

  10. User Readiness

    For users to adopt new technologies, they must know how to execute key job tasks and solve problems. They also need confidence in their ability to succeed. Our change management solutions instil the knowledge and confidence employees need to be truly ready to excel with the new technology.

  11. Performance Support

    After go-live, employees begin the process of continually learning and adapting to new processes and job tasks. We support superior performance with just-in-time access to customised help content.

  12. User Acceptance and Readiness

    Empower users to understand how the organisation is changing, how their roles will change, and the value they bring to the change.

  13. Sustainable Learning

    Our sustainable learning solutions provide the right training when employees join the organisation or change jobs.

  14. Communities of Practice

    As best practices develop, our solutions help ensure they are captured and shared amongst user communities.

Faster learning. Lower adoption costs.

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Bring just-in-time learning to your workforce

Eighty per cent of modern learning takes place on the job, making just-in-time learning essential to any enterprise technology adoption. The faster your workforce learns and applies new skills, the bigger the impact on your bottom line.

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Enterprise workforce improvement solutions (GP WISE)

Cloud-based technology requires innovative user adoption solutions. Lower training costs and deliver just-in-time performance support via our digital learning enablement solution, GP WISE. Running on the proven SAP® Enable Now platform, GP Wise delivers a powerful learning impact to improve key performance while reducing support calls and deployment time.
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Performance Support Tools

Our cutting-edge performance support tools for brand-name systems span the technology spectrum, including:

  • SAP® Enable Now
  • Ancile uPerform®
  • Oracle Guided Learning (OGL)®
  • Infor User Adoption Platform (UAP)®
  • Whatfix®
  • WalkMeTM
  • Assima
  • Other digital adoption and performance support technologies

Case Studies

Explore our real-world client success stories

Business Impact
People using SRM by 2022
Employees supported by SAP S/4HANA implementation

Designing an Agile Learning Solution for a Global Aerospace & Defense Company

One of the largest global aerospace and defense companies needed help developing and delivering a training solution addressing transformation across their legacy systems. The transformation included standardising, consolidating, and migrating systems ranging from SAP S/4 HANA and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) to Salesforce and SAP Project Team Training.
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Successful Organisational Change Management With a Major Beverage Distributor

An American coffee and beverage leader was implementing SuccessFactors Learning as a common platform across North America, including content for programmes such as New Employee Orientation (NEO), HR and Talent Learning and Development, and Information Systems training.
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Business Impact
Instructor-led and Virtual Training Courses
eLearning Courses

A Dose of Blended Learning at a Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

When it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, every detail counts, and decisions can have real consequences. A Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company needed help implementing SAP ERP functionality to support their global operations in their planning, financials, supply chain, manufacturing, and business intelligence business processes. With so much at stake, they turned to GP Strategies to achieve a successful implementation.
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