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Learning Experience Platforms

Structure your learning experience

As industries and their workforce transform and change at an accelerating pace, learning experience platforms (LXP) have become essential and mission-critical tools for employee retention, engagement, development and performance success. Because of the increasing pace of change and how employees learn, today’s leading enterprises understand that their workforce needs learning experiences that meet a range of needs, when they need it, and where they need it. The learning experience has moved beyond static classrooms, to a dynamic, holistic and interactive learning journey – meeting the learner at the point of work.

To succeed, the enterprise and workforce of today requires an integrated, evidence-based work-learning ecosystem, enabled by powerful digital learning portals, platforms and automated solutions.

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The experience you want

With over 50 years of global leadership in learning experience design, curation and delivery, GP Strategies expertly answers the elemental questions about learning experience platforms:

  • If you already have some of your Learning Experience Platform (LXP) systems installed, how do you optimise enterprise-wide Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) integration, adoption and use?
  • Or, if you do not have a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) and your enterprise now demands it, how do you create a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) strategy that complements your learning technology ecosystem?

With so many specialised tools and platforms, it is critical to select the right tool to meet the right needs and integrate it successfully.

Get started
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We help you with:

  • Selection
  • Architecture Design and Optimisation
  • Design and Development
  • Configuration and Integration
  • Data Mapping and Course Migration
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Testing
  • Adoption and Engagement
  • Moderation, Administration, and Community Management

Elevate the learning experience

Today’s learning experience platform technology landscape covers dozens of categories and hundreds of software platform vendors:

  • Curation Learning Journey Platforms
  • Cohort Based Learning Journeys
  • Learning Assessment Systems
  • Learning Management Systems, Skills Analytics, Survey Tools and Dashboards
  • Content Management, Adaptive Learning, Gamification, Test Engines and Badging/Certification
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality, Chatbots, AI/Automation, Video Coaching and Mentoring
  • Crowd Source Platforms, Field Certification and Performance Reinforcement

The Learning Experience Platform (LXP) ecosystem platform choices are vast. And, they need to deliver in collaborative workspaces, work-specific platforms, HCM systems and more. But these platforms are only solution tools, they are not complete solutions. Software by itself will not achieve your enterprise workforce learning experience objectives. Strategy, content design, outcome goal-setting, adoption, ongoing curation and more are required.

As a leading global learning innovator, GP Strategies provides those comprehensive solutions, uniquely delivering end-to-end, concept-to-adoption, content-to-transformation strategies and programmes to fulfil the complete potential of your Learning Experience Platform (LXP) investments.

Optimise learning experience platform execution

With Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs), as with many digital solutions, obstacles and challenges often arise with new technology adoption, driving up costs and reducing engagement. We can help you overcome challenges, whether you are in the process of selecting a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) or are optimising your current Learning Experience Platform (LXP), including:

  • Lack of clear or integrated technology goals
  • Steep learning curves for IT personnel and technology end-users
  • High cost of hardware, software, security and training
  • Lengthy implementation processes that delay critical learning
  • Selecting the wrong technology for the actual need
  • Poor integration between technologies that need to work together
  • Keeping pace with obsolescent and emerging technologies
  • Insufficient support from technology vendors
  • Lack of post-go-live support

GP Strategies delivers compelling, and practical, solutions to each of these potential challenges. Over the decades we’ve served thousands of organisations with millions of employees, in virtually every industry, who have deployed virtually every platform solution, in myriad combinations. From that unmatched experience, our veteran team of experts have learnt how to make these systems work, get your workforce to get the most out of those tools, and how to optimise them to fulfil your learning and development goals.

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