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Business Consulting and Organisational Development

Create the change your organisation needs

Change is constant. You either drive the change in your industry or end up chasing those who do. 

Our management consultants help you identify where your business needs to go and what it will take to get there. Then we work with you to develop and execute a strategy that brings out the best in your people. Whether your organisation needs a change in mindset, an inprovement in performance, learning and development technologies, or critical business processes, GP Strategies is the transformation partner you can trust.

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Performance results you can measure

Many leaders feel pressure to demonstrate Return on Investment (ROI) to justify the cost and impact of intentional, enterprise-wide change. That is why we do not just help transform middle-of-the road performance into best-in-class execution, we help our clients measure the effects across all areas of learning, leadership and workforce development.

Employing a proven approach that integrates leading technology, innovative learning paradigms, and business process best practices, we deliver cost-effective, high-performance organisational development solutions.

Let's talk Return On Investment (ROI)

Our Solutions

Keeping your people inspired, connected, and engaged

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An organisation’s ability to sustainably adopt useful innovations and improved ways of working is the ultimate competitive advantage. Work with us to build individual and organisational readiness, perfromance, resilience, and leadership.

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Flexibility and adaptability are not something you do. They must become an integral part of your culture. We help you devise and implement leadership strategy and business optimisation that achieve immediate and long-term performance results.

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Aligning vision, strategy, execution and an always-evolving workforce is a continuous journey. Partner with us to build market-focussed enterprise readiness in your people, process, structure, strategy and performance.

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Strategic alignment, winning buy-in and commitment at every level of the organisation, is key to making transformation work. We work with you to create the plan, provide strategic analysis, and drive action, clarity and accountability.

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Case Studies

Explore our real-world client success stories

Business Impact
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Identifying Compliance Reporting Problems and Streamlining Process with a Six Sigma Approach

A routine training completion audit showed five cases where learning compliance was out of tolerance, despite efforts to ensure accurate training assignments, and were escalated to the Compliance Board for review.
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Business Impact

A Global Aerospace Company Excels with an Agile Approach to Organisation Design

A global aerospace and defense company needed to expedite the traditional organisation design process to fit their timeline. Instead of starting a traditional organisation design process that could take up to a year to complete, they partnered with us to implement an agile organisation design approach.
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