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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Turning diverse individuals into a collaborative team

To attract and retain top-performance talent, workforce diversity, equity, and inclusion training need to become top leadership priorities, and elementary to the fabric of leadership DNA. The more that leaders create environments where individuals feel safe and comfortable bringing their whole selves to their jobs, the more included, committed, and engaged people will feel, and the more those individuals and their organisations will achieve.

GP Strategies’ global research on the skills that leaders need to be successful today, and in the future, discovered that building and maintaining an inclusive mindset was one of four most critical leadership skills. To best exhibit an inclusive mindset, leaders need to understand and combat personal, unconscious bias so that they can build collaborative, psychologically safe spaces for diverse teams.

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To remain competitive amid rapid global growth, advances in technology, and an ever-changing workplace, organisations need inclusive leaders to leverage diversity as a strategic advantage. They need leaders who are committed to building their self-awareness and who have the tools they need to act upon their insights.

We view diversity, equity, and inclusion as a foundation to an engaged and productive workforce, a key element to organisational success. Inclusive leaders tap into the needs and skills of individuals and teams and leverage those talents to achieve maximum contribution toward organisational goals. When employees feel that they are a part of something larger than themselves, while at the same time valued for their individuality, they are more engaged, more innovative, and more committed to their team.

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Today’s workers want to be recognised as more than contributors to the bottom line.

Maintaining a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion values each individual as a human being while supporting them in using their unique talents, skills, and aptitudes to the fullest.

GP Strategies delivers a range of diversity training and inclusion solutions to help leaders create safe and fostering workplace environments where workforce members can strive and thrive.

Our Solutions

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Unconscious Bias

Build critical self-awareness by uncovering potential bias blind spots, introducing a language to discuss inclusion, and providing practical, easy-to-apply tools that contribute to an inclusive culture.

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Develop the ability to address microaggressions and micro-inequities, and learn how these experiences affect individuals personally and professionally.

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Inclusion and Belonging

Leaders learn how to move beyond surface-level conversations to self-reflection in order to develop their skills in creating inclusive environments. This programme also creates a launching point for awareness and new habits so that leaders can have an impact at work and beyond.

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Inclusive Talent Management

Recruiting and developing productive, innovative, quality-minded, multigenerational, multicultural, and diverse employees is far more complex than ever before. Recruiters, HR, and all leaders will learn the tools and skills crucial to meeting the diversity and inclusion needs of the organisation.

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Allyship is a relationship between people working together toward the shared goal of fairness, equity and social justice. You will learn tools to promote diversity and inclusion at your organisation and to best partner with others to address inequality and achieve your shared goals.

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DEI Organisational Survey

Organisational performance and personal satisfaction are improved when employees work in an environment that values inclusivity. Our survey approach is designed to provide actionable insights and a framework for driving shared accountability on inclusion in your organisation.

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