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The foundation to an engaged and productive workforce

Today’s ultra-competitive markets demand business leaders who can inspire people, lead across multiple stakeholders, and build high-performing teams. Our proprietary leadership development tools enable leaders at all levels of the organisation to create the strategic and cultural shifts needed to produce transformative results.

By customising our leadership development training to your company’s unique values and strategies, we help you build a leadership team that achieves results today for a successful tomorrow. 

Our Solutions

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In addition to setting the vision and strategy, today’s senior leaders also need the ability to successfully lead workforce transformation. Our targeted leadership development programmes impart the knowledge and skills needed to react quickly to disruptive change and guide your workforce and your organisation into the future.

Our flagship program, Leadership Acceleration, is a digitally enabled leadership journey that allows experienced leaders to explore how they can become more aware of how they show up for their teams and accomplish results for their organizations.

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Frontline leaders essentially run two-thirds of your global organisation. We help these keystones to your company’s future transition from individual contributors to team leaders with a diverse curriculum of emerging leadership skills. Our proven approach to leadership development has helped thousands of global leaders develop vital skills to lead into today’s uncertain markets.

Our flagship programme, Leadership Essentials, is a modern, virtual leadership development experience that helps develop the skills and knowledge to lead effectively. Accessible through any device, anytime and anywhere, this innovative approach provides leaders a scalable solution to learning and development.

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High-potential leaders represent the future of your organisation. Turning their potential into results requires a special approach. Our leadership development methods at this level use coaching, mentoring, assessments, experiential workshops, and more to create a compelling high-potential journey.

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Professional development opportunities enhance the contributions and satisfaction of your employees. When people feel supported in their professional development, they become more engaged and focused on results. Designed to complement a larger learning journey, our self-leadership programmes have the flexibility to address the development of individuals and teams.

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Case Studies

Explore our real-world client success stories

Business Impact
Brandon Hall gold badge -Excellence in Learning in 2019
of participants exceeded expectations on performance reviews

Developing Emerging Leaders at a Large Public Utility Company

To address a skillset gap with their high producing employees, the company decided to implement a leadership programme, Emerging Leaders, for leaders of individual contributors.
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Business Impact
Increase of Coaching index scores

Leading Technical People+ at Paycor

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Business Impact
of respondents felt the 'Welcome to Mastercard' pathway supported business learning
felt confident in their ability to contribute after four months

Mastercard Motivates New Hires With Sleek Digital Learning Model

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Business Impact
Brandon hall gold Excellence in Talent Management in 2017
felt leadership skills improved

Developing Leaders @ Havas Health & You: From Introspection to Inspiration

Havas Health & You, in partnership with GP Strategies, established the Developing Leaders (DL) Programme, a high-potential leadership development programme aimed at supporting its up-and-coming executives.
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Insight and Innovation

Discover thought leadership from our clients and team of experts

Episode No.23: Leadership Mindsets

When leaders act on leadership mindsets, they create an environment that fuels innovation, encourages people to seek diverse opinions and approaches, and empowers them to make decisions. Leah Clark joins this podcast to unpack 4 leadership mindsets (growth, inclusive, agile,…

Leadership Essentials

Leadership Essentials is a digitally enabled leadership journey that provides the essential skills leaders and managers need to be successful and produce results. Leadership Essentials brings proven leadership content to life in a highly engaging, modern environment that is globally…

When It Comes to Priorities, Less Is More

Our recent leadership research revealed that leaders of leaders need less in order to do more. At first glance, this stated desire for fewer priorities could look like a desire to shirk responsibilities. What it really signals is that leaders…